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Sweet Magnolias Season 2: Release Date? Plot? Cast?

The Netflix series “Sweet Magnolias” finally returns to streaming service with Season 2. The new episodes will be released on February 4, 2022. At the beginning of season 2, Maddie, Helen, and Dana Sue find out who is in the car.

But that’s just the first of many surprises prom night will bring, surprises that will reshape relationships across town. Friendships falter. Old loves end, and new ones begin, reports Collider magazine.

Long-hidden secrets disrupt work, change a life, and shift the balance of power in Serenity. Everyone is affected. In good times or bad, the friends continue to fight for what is suitable for themselves and the people they love – even if those efforts come at a high price.

In addition, the first pictures of the new season have been published. They show the three friends Maddie, Helen and Dana Sue. 

Sweet Magnolias Season 2: Release Date

Netflix just revealed the release date of the second season. This will appear on February 4, 2022, on the streaming service.

Sweet magnolias Season 2: What Is The Plot

Sweet Magnolias Season 2 will uncover the mystery behind the car accident in Season 1. With a new cast in Season 2, there are reports that all three children could have survived the car accident if they were inside the car during the same. 

Moreover, after a huge dramatic exit in Episode 8 of Season 1, Noreen will return to the screens. Jamie Lynn Spears has been promoted to a series regular in the second season. Moreover, the tragic love drama between Ronnie, Jeremy and Dana Sue will continue. The mystery behind Issac’s mother and father, is she Danna Sue? We will get to know in season 2. 

Sweet Magnolias Season 2: Do We Have A Trailer

The release date for Season 2 has been set for February 2021. Though only months are remaining for the release, Netflix has not dropped a trailer for the new season.

Sweet Magnolias Season 2: Who’s In The Cast?

JoAnna Garcia-Swisher, famous for Once Upon A Time and The Astronaut Wives, will be returning. Moreover, we will see Brooke Elliot and Heather Headly returning in their specific roles in Sweet Magnolias Season 2. Moreover, there will be:

  • Logan Allen as Kyle
  • Carson Rowland as Ty
  • Anneliese Judge as Annie
  • Jamie Lynn Spears as Noreen
  • Chase Anderson as Jeremy
  • Brandon Quinn as Ronnie
  • Chris Medlin as Issac Downey 
  • Dion Johnstone as Eric

These cast members will be seen returning for the second season of Sweet Magnolias. If there are any further additions to the cast, we will share the information with you once an official announcement is made.

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