One Piece Episode 1035 Release Date and Time

One Piece Episode 1035: Is This Series Release Date Confirmed for This Year!

People everywhere are waiting for One Piece episode 1035, which will continue the Onigashima raid and is sure to please its many devoted viewers. Now that Luffy has been seemingly beaten, Kaido is preparing to put an end to the invasion.

After what seems like an endless string of battles, the Straw Hat Pirates and their allies are having trouble keeping up the momentum. In the last episode, Nami’s sometimes-ally and one of Big Mom’s most devoted Homies, Zeus, was killed.

This is The Animal Kingdom Pirates Trample Down!, Episode 1035 of One Piece. Kin’emon returns in The End of the Kozuki Clan!, where he confronts Kaido in an effort to spare Momonosuke’s life. Read on to find out when this episode will be available.

Release Date

On Oct 02, 2022, at 11:00 AM JST, the latest episode will premiere in Japan. However, due to time zone differences, the new episode may air a day early in some areas. For such areas, The Release Date Is October 1, 2022, and The Release Hour Is 7:00 Pm Pt/10:00 Pm Et.

Also, the best anime streaming services carry One Piece because it is the best. Both Crunchyroll and Funimation offer to stream the show. More than a thousand episodes are now available, and more are constantly being added.

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Synopsis of One Piece Episode 1035

The series follows Monkey D. Luffy, a young rubber man who is inspired by his childhood hero, the powerful pirate Red-Haired Shanks, to go off on a voyage from the East Blue Sea in search of the legendary treasure, the One Piece, and declare himself King of the Pirates.

Straw Hat Pirates leader Luffy saves a pirate hunter and swordsman named Roronoa Zoro, and the two form an alliance to search for the titular treasure.

Name, a money-obsessed robber and navigator; Usopp, a sniper, and a compulsive liar; and Sanji, a perverse but chivalrous cook, accompany them on their trip. They build up a cargo ship called the Going Merry and engage in gun battles with the East Blue buccaneers.

Other characters, such as Tony Tony Chopper, a humanoid reindeer doctor, join Luffy and his crew later in the series as they embark on their travels.

Nico Robin, a former assassin for the Baroque Works, is now an archaeologist. There’s Franky, the cyborg cart; Brook, the skeleton and swordsman musician; and Jimbei, the fish guy helmsman and former member of the Seven Warlords of the Sea.

When the Merry is beyond repair, Franky constructs a replacement ship for the Straw Hat Pirates.

As they travel the seven seas in search of the Thousand Sunny, the group encounters a wide variety of characters, both friends and opponents, including pirates, bounty hunters, criminal groups, revolutionaries, secret agents, and infantrymen of the tyrannical World Government.

Forecasting the Results of One Piece Episode 1035

The title of One Piece episode 1035 is “The Animal Kingdom Pirates Trample Down!” All of the Kozukis is Dead!

The battles will proceed in the next episode. Some even speculate that Kin’emon will engage in combat with Kaido in order to defend his master’s son from harm.

Meanwhile, Kanjuro will continue to find Momonosuke even with Yamato’s help. This gives the Animal Kingdom Pirates an advantage.

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