Lookism Season 2 Release Date

Lookism Season 2 Release Date: Is This Series Coming in 2022!

As manhwa and webtoons have become increasingly popular on the Internet, it was only a matter of time before they were adapted into animated forms, especially with the rise in popularity of Korean pop culture in recent years.

Park Tae-jun created the webtoon Lookism, which he writes and draws. The narrative follows a high school kid who has the ability to switch between two bodies, one that is obese and ugly and the other that is athletic and gorgeous.

It was originally published online in November 2014 on Naver WEBTOON. As of late, it has been reported that the webcomic would be adapted into an animated series to be shown on Netflix; on this page, we will provide all the details you could possibly want regarding the show.

The Netflix Debut of “Lookism”

Lookism season 2 release date

It is hoped that the first episode of the Netflix original anime series Lookism will be available on the streaming service on November 4, 2022. Throughout his whole 17 years of life, Hyung has been at the bottom of the food chain.

Out of style, undersized, and overweight. He also had a history of being the target of bullying at school because of his appearance. His plan to avoid Lee Tae Sung’s bullying was to enroll at Jae Won High School in Seoul, a prep school with a reputation for producing trouble-free graduates.

On the morning of his transfer, Hyung wakes up to find that his normally plump figure has been replaced by a flawless one.

Hyung Suk is now the ideal version of himself—tall, gorgeous, and physically fit. His original body is still there, sleeping next to him, so every time he does fall asleep, he will wake up in the wrong one.

Hyung Suk, who now inhabits two radically different bodies, must figure out how to lead his new and considerably more popular life at J High as he investigates the origins of his second, nearly superhuman form.

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Lookism Season 2 Plot

The webtoon Lookism by Park Tae-Joon has gained a lot of attention in South Korea. Naver WEBTOON has been publishing this comic every week since November 2014, and it’s about high school students who can change their appearance from fat and unattractive to slim and attractive.

Park Hyung Suk is a social pariah at his high school due to his appearance and personality. Because a youngster is constantly harassing and bullying him, he regularly verbally assaults his mother and eventually asks to transfer schools.

He uproots his life by himself and relocates to Seoul, South Korea, with the intention of attending a new high school and starting over.

But in the hours and days leading up to the first day of school, he transforms into a towering, powerful, and stunningly handsome young man. When he uses one body, the other one sleeps, but he can wake it up and switch back and forth.

Their daily routine consists of him spending the day in his attractive form and the night as he was born. In time, Daniel learns the extent to which society discriminates against people for being different. Therefore, “Lookism” is an appropriate title for this work.

He experiences bias and animosity in his first body, but kindness and favoritism in his second. He goes through many different experiences with his new body, from working for an entertainment company to modeling for goods.

By morning, Daniel is back in his regular body, and the pleasant dream has given way to the harsh reality of everyday existence.

Lookism Season 2 Cast

Lookism Season 2 Release Date

  • Shim Kyu-hyuck
  • Han Shin
  • Ryu Seung-gone
  • Jeong Jae-heon
  • Nam Doh-hyeong
  • Hwang Chang-yung
  • Sa Moon-young

Produced by Studio Mir

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Lookism Season 2 Trailer

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