Money Heist Season 5 Part 2: Has Tokyo Returned? What's Next?

Money Heist Season 5 Part 2: Has Tokyo Returned? What’s Next?

To the delight of fans of the series, Tokyo is making its comeback in season 5, part 2 of Money Heist.

Fans of Money Heist have been eagerly awaiting the broadcast of Season 5 Part 2. It is finally available! Tokyo, the one who sacrifices herself in the first part, is making a comeback in the form of flashbacks. 


 This Friday, December 3, 2021, ends Money Heist. The second part of the fifth season is finally available on Netflix. Composed of five episodes, like the first, it puts an end to the adventures of the most popular robbers in the history of cinema. What millions of fans around the world find it hard to accept. They don’t want everything to end.  And they have not hesitate to let it be known, especially on social networks.

But be reassured, other projects are underway. A spin-off-centred on the character of Berlin should thus see the light of day in 2023. Yes. In addition, a Korean adaptation of the series is in preparation. Yes, you did read it. There is also an actor from Squid Game!

It is neither more nor less than Park Hae-soo, the interpreter of Cho Sang-woo. The 40-year-old actor will play the role of the character mentioned above. To the delight of fans, a cult character from Money Heist is back in this season 5, part 2. You will no doubt have understood that it is, therefore, Tokyo. Played by Ursula Corbero, she sacrifices herself in the first part to save her friends. The public will still find it in the form of flashbacks in the new episodes.


Suppose the fans of Money Heist are delighted to discover these new episodes, an actor `AS seems frustrated by his brief appearance. This is Enrique Javier Arce Temple, the 49-year-old Spanish actor who can be found in Arturo’sArturo’s skin. Behind the microphones of Tele-Loisirs, he explains that he should have had a more important place in the finale.

“In the tenth episode, Arturo was to have a significant role,” ” says the actor. But in the end, the writers wrote a lot and took things away.” “This part where I was very present has disappeared, he laments then. I admit that I would have liked to be a little more present, but not out of vanity.”

“Because I wanted at all costs that we see my character at the end, but above all, because it deprived me of the final party, “he then specifies. We feel deprived of this emotion and this sharing that there was between the actors after the last scenes.” ” One thing is then sure, and the phenomenon of the Money Heist has not finished talking about him. We let you discover the new episodes.

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