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Archive 81: Here’s Everything We Know About The Netflix Series.

The Netflix series “Archive 81” represents the most compelling cases of the same-name-found-footage horror podcast. The start date of the horror series has now been announced.

The “Archive 81” series is based on the podcast of the same name by Marc Sollinger and Daniel Powell and is intended to represent a new kind of horror series. The Netflix original deals with mysterious video cassettes and a shocking secret. Now the streaming service announced the release date.

Release date.

The eight-part horror series “Archive 81” will be launched in early 2022. The series will be released on January 14, 2022, on Netflix.


The archivist Dan Turner is devoting himself to a new assignment in which he is to restore old and broken video cassettes. When he succeeds, he discovers that the tapes were made by the documentary filmmaker Melody Pendras, investigating an extremely dangerous cult.

Dan continues the story of Melody and is ultimately determined to save the filmmaker from her dire fate. However, this happened 25 years ago.


The prominent roles of the archivist Dan and the documentary filmmaker Melody are played by the Mauritanian-American actor Mamoudou Athie (” The Get Down “) and the Saudi Arabian-Palestinian actress Dina Shihabi (” Altered Carbon “). It is not yet known which actors are still waiting for us.


There is no official trailer for the horror series “Archive 81”. If anything changes, you will find out here.


Rebecca Sonnenshine, who has already been involved in series such as ” Vampire Diaries, “is on board as showrunner. At her side work among others Rebecca Thomas (” Stranger Things “) as director and executive producer and the executive producers James Wan and Michael Clear. Screenwriter Paul Harris Boardman wrote the original script.

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