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Rihanna is Pregnant? Pregnancy Rumors Debunked

Rihanna and her boyfriend, A$AP Rocky, are expecting a child. The singer has the best reaction to these rumors.

Is Rihanna pregnant?

Did you know Rihanna is pregnant? At least that’s what the rumors say. On Monday, the singer was named the national heroine of her homeland, Barbados! A pretty blatant honor, in which Rihanna was, of course, personally at the start.

At the ceremony, the musician dared to put her hand on her stomach – she might as well have thrown positive pregnancy tests at the people on-site, for the fans that were at least a clear sign that the singer was impregnated by her boyfriend A$AP Rocky and is now expecting her first child. The “news” quickly made the rounds, and suddenly everyone knew: Yes, the singer is pregnant, no other option. Too bad that no one talked to her personally about it – until a fan contacted her. Your reaction to the rumors was divine.

Mis. Jaye wrote to Rihanna privately on Instagram: “May I come to your baby party, sister? True or not, your babies will be beautiful! I’m sorry, all kinds of people are so interested in your uterus right now.” The superstar replied to the message – with typical Rihanna style. “Haaaaa! Stop it! You haven’t been to my first ten baby parties! You all get me pregnant every year, damn it.” She is right, and pregnancy rumors have haunted the superstar for a long time. And it’s true: A$AP Rocky wants children with Rihanna, and she wants some too. But when that is the case, the two will decide for themselves.

Rihanna Has Everything Planned

Previously a year ago, Rihanna made statements regarding her family plan during a conversation with British Vogue. When being asked about seeing herself in the next 10 years, the singer said that she will be 42, with three or four kids. The singer also stated that she will have kids of her own even if she didn’t have a partner to share them with. 

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