Mint Mobile: Information You Should Have Prior to Joining

mint mobile

Many of us are used to the big three carriers’ prices for cell phone plans going up and up. With things like security software, hotspot data, subscription services, and cloud storage, these carriers have kept adding more value to their plans.

However, you can only save money by adding as many lines as possible. Even though these features are nice to have, you can save a lot of money by getting rid of them.

Mint Mobile focuses on what’s most important in a cell phone plan, like unlimited calling and texting on all plans, unlimited data, and enough high-speed data for most people.

Mint Mobile is also one of only a few carriers that offer discounts for paying for more than one month of service at once. If you have the money to pay for up to a year of service, you can save even more.

Some people might find the minimum three-month plan to be too much at once, but since the rates for the first three months are the same as for the first year, it’s worth checking out Mint if you’re looking for a new phone plan.

Plans and Availability for Mint Mobile

mint mobile

At first glance, Mint’s plan structure might seem a little confusing, but once you understand how the discounts work, it all makes a lot of sense. Mint Mobile has four plans that range from 4GB of data to unlimited high-speed data for 35GB.

You can buy service for three, six, or twelve months, and the price per month goes down the longer you buy it. Those who want to try Mint are in luck because the price for the first three months of service is the same as the price for a full year.

This means you can try out the carrier without committing to a full year. You can save the most money on Mint if you buy six or twelve months at once, but you may also be able to save by switching to a smaller plan.

We’ve gotten used to automatically buying unlimited plans, but most of us don’t need that much data, especially if we use Wi-Fi a lot.

You can check your last phone bill or the settings on your Android phone to see how much data you used. You don’t need Mint’s unlimited plan if you rarely use more than 15GB per month. You may not need the 10GB plan at all.

For this review, I used an ASUS ZenFone 8 and a Samsung Galaxy S20+ in an area with consistent 5G coverage, including mid-band band n41 coverage, to test Mint Mobile’s unlimited plan.

More about how Android Central tests and reviews products can be found here (opens in a new tab).

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How the Case Goes

The trial plan gives you 250MB of high-speed data, 250 texts, and 250 minutes of talk time. You can try us out on your current device without changing the way your service works. There is no risks, commitments, or tricks—just real Mint Mobile service so you can see for yourself.

  • You can try us out on your phone using the SIM card we send you without changing your current service.
  • During the trial, get a new number (bring your own when you get a full plan)
  • When you switch to a full plan, you’ll get $5 off.

Options and Costs

There are a total of four prepaid plans available from Mint Mobile, each with its own set of features and pricing structure. A monthly Mint Mobile plan is not available for purchase at this time. You’ll have to commit to three, six, or twelve months upfront instead.

The monthly cost and high-speed data limits for each of the available Mint Mobile plans are listed below. I’ve also included the discounted rates for the first three months of service that Mint Mobile offers to new clients.

To Activate

The process of joining Mint Mobile’s service is quick and simple. Recently, I activated and selected the 4GB data plan for personal use and recorded the steps I took.

In order to get started, I went to the Mint Mobile website and selected the $15 plan. When I moused over “View Details,” I was presented with an itemized list of the plan’s costs and benefits: The Bring Your Own Phone (BYOP) program link was included in the plan information, but I was never asked to verify that my phone was compatible.

You can do a quick check to see if your phone is compatible by providing its brand and model, or you can provide its IMEI number for more accurate results.

Simply dialing *#06# will reveal your phone’s unique IMEI number. Also, before purchasing a SIM card from Mint Mobile, ensure that your phone is unlocked.

I was lucky that my phone was able to use it. After making sure my phone was supported, I had no qualms about obtaining a SIM card. When I entered my zip code, I saw that standard shipping to my area would take only three to five days at no cost to me.

Your phone may be able to use an eSIM, and if so, you can get one sent to you for free. The cost to ship overnight was $15. Free delivery and a free SIM card weren’t the ends of it, though; there was also a $5.63 “Recovery Fee” and $1.76 in taxes and levies to pay.

As a result, the total for the three-month package was $52.39. You don’t have to use the auto-renewal option to pay the listed fee. It was easy; I just entered my payment and delivery information and clicked the “Place Order” button.

Besides the standard bill and invoice, the package also contained a Mint SIM card kit, a SIM card remover, and comprehensive instructions on how to activate your SIM. A “Refer a Friend” package containing an extra SIM card kit and information about the referral discount was also provided.

After inserting my SIM card into my phone, I scanned the QR code on the SIM activation card to begin downloading the Mint Mobile software. After installing the software on my phone, I proceeded to “Activate your SIM.”

I was directed to the back of my Mint SIM card, where an 11-digit number was printed. Then I could decide if I wanted a new number or to keep my current one, and recheck my phone’s compatibility.

You’ll need your old carrier’s account number, passcode, and billing address in order to preserve your current phone number.

When I downloaded the Mint Mobile app, I was prompted to provide my name, email address, and ZIP code to acquire a new local number.

The service was set up by the app in about a minute. Once that happened, all I had to do was follow the on-screen prompts to enable Mint Mobile’s service and data. Once that, I was able to make a test call on T-network Mobile after my phone was automatically linked.

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Communicating Effectiveness in Calls and Texts

mint mobile

I used Mint Mobile for 30 days, making and receiving calls and sending and getting texts to get a feel for the service.

Throughout my month-long trial with Mint Mobile, I experienced nothing but steady, crystal-clear service with no dropped calls or unread texts. However, the quality of service differs depending on where you are.

Mint Mobile gives you access to T-network Mobile and coverage area across the United States. See if you are covered by the Mint Mobile network by checking out their coverage map.


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