Midnight Gospel Season 2 Release Date: Is This Series Coming in 2022!

midnight gospel season 2

Imagine watching Adventure Time and saying to yourself, “I like this but wish there was something odd in there.” Because of this, you’re in the best of both worlds. After the 2018 Cartoon Network series ended (but before it was restored in 2020).

Pendleton Ward, the series’ creator, pleased viewers with a second season of The Midnight Gospel. Apocalyptic events are made amusing through it.

When the first episode aired on April 20, 2020, the world was introduced to Clancy Gilroy, a spacecaster (Duncan Trussell). Interviewing people shortly before they are wiped out by a horrific calamity is his specialty.

It’s not uncommon for him and Clancy to narrowly evade death. Stunning animation bolsters the high-concept narrative to the point that. Without the sound, you may still enjoy the show’s beautiful visuals.

Midnight Gospel Season 2 Plot

Although Clancy’s death ended the first season of The Midnight Gospel’s numerous overarching themes, the topics of subsequent seasons are largely determined by podcast discussions.

midnight gospel season 2

After cops shoot Clancy, he enters a parallel universe where he meets the deceased members of the Space Cast. “Just be here now” was the only answer they could give him when he asked if he, too, was dead.

While Clancy’s journey into the afterlife may continue in the second season of The Midnight Gospel, he may have new debates about the meaning of life.

Inverse’s inquiry on what happened at the end of season one necessitated a lengthy podcast response from him. It appears that this is the show’s most relevant snippet:

Because it drives us to ask, ‘Are we real?’ I adore simulation theory and the idea of living in a simulator. Approximately how long have we been residing here?

The question is whether or not this is actually taking place. For this reason, how can we know for sure? Because of this, I’m going to respond to your question in a confusing manner.”

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Midnight Gospel Season 2 Cast

Episodes from Duncan Trussell Family Hour, where host Duncan Trussell interviews a variety of people about philosophy, the arts, and the mysteries of life and death, are used in the first season.

As you can hear on the podcast, Trussell plays Clancy Gilroy in episodes that are more plot-oriented. There are more than 400 audio episodes containing interviews with scholars, authors, and comedians, so there’s no shortage of ideas for future Midnight Gospel programs.

Stephen Root, Johnny Pemberton, Steve Little, and Maria Bamford, all of whom have previously appeared in the series, also lend their voices to Trussell’s character. Additionally, Natasha Leggero, Dr. Drew Pinsky, and Pauly Shore appeared as guest stars during season one.

Fans may expect a wide range of people to join the trippy journey through the universe if Netflix picks up the series for a second season.

Midnight Gospel Season 2 Release Date

Netflix hasn’t yet renewed The Midnight Gospel, but the show’s reception has been overwhelmingly positive, so expect to see more of Clancy in the near future.

midnight gospel season 2

You can expect season two of The Midnight Gospel to premiere on 4/20, which is a smart move given the show’s strange nature (even if it only makes sense on the American calendar). Until then, we’ll need the all-important green light.

According to the narrator, “And Netflix is Netflix,” All they say is, “We don’t know about Season 2 yet anyhow,” and they’re experts at withholding information. If they tease you with the idea of a second season, it will set off a cascade of events.

On the other hand, they suggest that they may not be. They’ve got an incredible ability to maintain a level of objectivity in their approach.

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