Masked Singer Season 8: Did The Show Finally Get Renewed?

masked singer season 8

It feels like only yesterday when The Masked Singer swept the nation’s television screens in the United States.

Suddenly, we’re in its eighth season, with a new group of masked celebrities competing for the Golden Mask trophy. This celebrity batch’s outfits, as well as everything else we know about Season 8, may be found below.

Exactly when Does the Eighth Season of The Masked Singer Debut in 2022?

The premiere date for the eighth season of The Masked Singer has yet to be announced. As a result, the 9 December 2022 launch date is projected to be maintained, with each season’s premiere occurring in the fall.

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Masked Singer Season 7 Recap

Nicole Scherzinger and Ken Jeong are back on The Masked Singer for season 7, which is hosted by Nick Cannon and features panelists Robin Thicke, Jenny McCarthy, and them. The Good, the Bad, and the Cuddly are the three divisions through which the fifteen contenders are split.

masked singer season 7 winner

Group C will perform for studio and panel voting this week, showcasing the final three costumes. Princess, Space Bunny, and Queen Cobra are among the masks that can be purchased (Bad). It’s time to reveal the identities of two contestants. Next week’s FINALE will be decided by the surviving singers.

When was The Masked Singer Season 8 filmed?

As of the time this article was written, season 8 had not yet been filmed at the time. It was confirmed during Fox’s upfront presentation in May that the season was already in pre-production, with executive producer Craig Plestis and judge Robin Thicke.

Posts added, “It’s a challenge to outdo ourselves and to come up with some things that will glitter and get America thrilled. “I believe that some of the concepts we’re experimenting with on the network will be groundbreaking and the first time we ever see something.”

Do you know how it works?

The Masked Singer is based on King of Mask Singer, a popular South Korean television show. During a series of episodes, a group of celebrities competes in disguise on the show.

Some of the competitors are put into face-off events in which they must sing a song of their own choice in their own voice. Face-off winners are safe for the week while losers are put up for elimination by a panel and a live audience.

masked singer season 8


At the end of the episode, the losers of the face-offs are then exposed to the earlier votes of the panelists to determine who will not continue; the eliminated singer then takes off their mask to disclose their name.

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