Manga Stream Down Reddit: Where Did Manga Stream Go? Alternatives to Manga Stream!

mangastream down reddit

Look. I know this is bad, and we’re going crazy… We didn’t want things to go this way, but part of being a pirate is learning how to change. When publishers shut down one site, others will pop up to replace it.

Even though MangaStream was stopped, it doesn’t mean that other scanlators will also stop. We might not have the same level of quality for a while, but we just started a transition that we have to go through. So what do we do?

Someone Will Take Manga Stream’s Place

mangastream down reddit

MS was the best, so it was hard for competitors to get through and win over fans. Now that MS is out of the way, it should be easier for other scanlators to take their place. Maybe even people from MS will be able to help?

After all, they’re on our side. So, during this change, we might get some chapters with bad quality or that come out late, but we should end up with something just as good and easy to use. Only time will tell.

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 Is Viz Media giving us the choice we want?

I know, I know. The bad guy, in this case, is Viz Media. They are a big, bad business with business goals. But listen, they’ve probably known about MS for a while, but this is the first time they’ve asked Mangastream to stop.

At least as far as I know. At least it worked for the first time. Why? Maybe because they’ve never had a service like the one they just started.

Shonen Jump Alpha came out at the end of January. It promises official manga updates every week, just two weeks after the chapter comes out in Japan. I know we’re used to reading things before Japan, but they kept their word and said we’d only have to wait two weeks before we could continue.

The price they want is only $25 per year, which is not much to ask if you love the product. If Shonen Jump Alpha is a good product, it might be time to find a legal way to get our manga to fix every week.

Gamers steal games because DRM is bad, the price is too high, and the services don’t treat customers well. But if a game we like gives us a good product, we’re more than happy to support it. Steam was the answer.

It gave us a good legal way to get games instead of pirating them. Viz Media might be giving us the same deal. If the quality is good, I’m happy to pay $25 a year for Naruto and the other Jump series.

TL;DR: We liked Mangashare, so this is a bummer, but it might not be as bad as we think. It’s just inconvenient. Let’s wait to find our pitchforks until we see how this turns out, okay? If this legal alternative stinks (I don’t know, I haven’t tried it yet), MS’s competitors will step up and give us the service we were used to.

Mangastream, a Website Where You Could Upload New Chapters of Berserk, Seems to Have Shut Down for Good

Mangastream has been putting translated chapters of Berserk on their website for the past few years. Mangastream is down, and it looks like they did it on purpose because they also deleted their Twitter account.

How will that affect Berserk? Well, it means that other groups can try to translate Berserk, but they probably won’t be able to do it as quickly as Mangastream did. And unlike titles in Weekly Shonen Jump, there is no official app that lets you read Berserk for free.

This is because Berserk is published in Young Animal, which is a manga for young adults. No matter what, try to help Berserk in any way you can, especially financially if you can buy Japanese-language issues of Young Animal online.

The widening

Now, I should say that I’ve been kicked off of r/manga. The main moderator there, ar use us, and I have never seen eye to eye, especially because I have pushed for stricter moderation of this stuff, which is probably why this worked so well.

If you’re interested, this is what killed me. Also, this is important because I couldn’t answer some of the comments I was getting before. In hindsight, this might have been a good thing.

It might have made people think I was trying to avoid being found out. I think it’s funny that I was banned from r/manga for harassing someone, but these threads contain actual death threats that haven’t been hidden yet.

Is this deliberate ignorance or incompetence? I’m not sure. So, this JB thread started, and a few scanlators who were in it again started posting that it was because of me, citing the Imgur screenshots here, here, and here.

Pretty much all of the scanlators in the thread were in on it. Readers, being readers, believed it right away. The other WSJ subs, like one piece and black clover, heard about bento, the “scanlation group slayer.” Pretty soon, everyone in the scanlation community knew that I was the one who took down the big giants.

The response: “This is why you came,”

So I think everyone involved didn’t quite expect this to get so big. I thought there would be a few angry idiots, but it looks like everyone fell for it except the scanlators. I didn’t think that /a/ would be fooled, let alone start planning to dox me.

Here is a picture of the best hits, but you can find more juicy stuff in the linked threads and in the community. Just searching Reddit with my username as a keyword brings up a lot of funny stuff.

I’m kind of putting this out there now because, even though it was fun, I hope this will help stop at least some of the death threats. People telling me to kill me probably only made me laugh for the first few days.

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mangastream down redditAnyway, that was a bit of fun over the holidays. I’m sure I’ll get in trouble with weebs for a few more weeks, and when they do, I’ll be sure to tell everyone, but I hope this gets around a bit. I learned that, even though manga fans are usually pretty trusting, some of them can be very mean.

You now know why I might end up in a ditch in the next few weeks. Also, yeah, it looks like MS and JB have stopped translating Jump. I think that’s a good thing, but I’ve learned that my opinion might not be shared by many.


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