Kings of Joburg Season 2 Release Date: Renewed or Cancelled?


Viewers today expect their favorite shows to continue beyond the initial season so they may continue following the adventures of their favorite characters.

The first season of Kings of Johannesburg was so successful and captivated viewers with its unique blend of the family drama and crime genres that they are now demanding a second season.

As a result, we decided to compile all the details regarding season 2 of Kings of Johannesburg into one convenient post for the convenience of the show’s audience.

When will the second season of “The Kings of Joburg” air, and who has been cast in the new episodes?

Kings of Joburg Season 2

Though it was previously stated that the show’s core cast would be back for another season, no new cast members have been revealed. However, we have compiled a list of the actors and actresses for your reference. Think about the people who will be playing roles.

  • Tk Sebothoma stars as Tlotlo Masire.
  • Connie Ferguson stars as Masire Mermaid.
  • Zolisa Xaluva stars as Mogomotsi ‘Mo’ Masire.
  • Buhle Samuels stars as Angela Masire.
  • Nnekwa Tsajwa stars as Sting.
  • Cindy Mahlangu stars as Phumzi.
  • Tsholofelo Matshaba stars as Jazmine Gumede.
  • Edmund Ngema stars as Ayanda.
  • Llewellyn Cordier stars as Leon.
  • Busiswe Twala stars as Mimi.

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Kings of Joburg Season 2 Release Date

On December 4, 2020, the first of six episodes of the King of Joburg series debuted on the streaming service Netflix. The showrunners made a hilarious and original announcement for season 2 just a few months after season 1 ended.

Due to the unfortunate loss of one of the show’s main characters, the original release date of December 2021 has been pushed back to an undisclosed date in the future.

Now according to our forecasts, there are still chances for the second season of the show and by 2023, there will be undoubtedly some updates regarding the second season of the show. If the show returns for a second season, it would likely premiere in 2023.

Histories of the Kings of Johannesburg

Kings of Joburg Season 2

In Kings of Jo’burg, we learn about the various criminal situations that occur in and around Johannesburg. The plot focuses on the Masire brothers, who are the most powerful criminals in Johannesburg.

For the criminal underworld, Simon “Vader” Masire is the wise old man who controls with an iron fist. He is the type of person that can speak normally and have everyone pay attention.

As for Mogomotsi “Mo” Masire, he’s the younger sibling. Like you, he was previously someone to be feared in the criminal underworld but is now trying to escape his past. Mo almost gave his own life to save his sibling.

But they all abandoned him when he was locked up. In the premiere, we see him walk free from prison. Vader also pulls out a heist on the same day. In this heist, Vader demonstrates his mystic abilities by easily evading the guards.

His wife, Angela, will be introduced to us later in the series. The group’s efforts to reclaim Mo are clearly fraught with tension. Vader gestures to his underlings, telling them to deal with Mo. Mo, meantime, visits Phumzi soon after his release from jail.

She offers to let him ride in her car and covers his travel costs. As the plot progresses, it becomes clear that Angela is actually Mo’s ex-wife. And he’s the proud father of Tlotlo, a son, and Neo, a daughter.

Tlotlo is thoroughly involved in gang activities, which only makes Mo more furious. To be closer to his daughter, he moves back to Phumzi. As the brothers’ feud unfolds more, we see the shadowy side of the Masire clan.

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Kings of Joburg Season 2 Trailer


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