Jackie Chan Quotes : The Best Jackie Chan Sayings for Inspiring Martial Artists

jackie chan net worth

Actor Jackie Chan is still one of the world’s most beloved performers, with a devoted following on social media and beyond. With an estimated net worth of $350 million in 2016, Forbes ranked the Oscar winner as the world’s second-highest-paid actor.

However, did you know that his riches would not be given to his beloved Jaycee Chan, but instead will be donated totally to charity?

About Jackie Chan

Born on the 7th of April, 1954, in Victoria Peak, British Hong Kong, Chan Kong-sang is better known by his stage name Jackie Chan. Charles Chan and Lee-Lee Chan, his parents, have both passed away. He has a long list of honorific suffixes.

He is an actor, director, martial artist, stuntman, and vocalist in addition to all of the above. Also, he’s one of Asia’s most well-known and respected celebrities.

jackie chan net worth

His parents fled the Chinese Civil War and named him Chan Pao-Pao, which means “Cannonball,” because he was a hyperactive child.

When Jackie Chan was a child, his parents worked for the French embassy in Hong Kong and resided on the grounds of the Consul’s mansion in the Victoria Park district.

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Personal Life

The personal life of Jackie Chan is pretty intriguing. In 1982, he married Joan Lin, with whom he has a son, Jaycee Chan, by the name.

Their first child, Jaycee, was born the same year they got married. As well as being an actor, his son is a singer.

Elaine Ng Yi-Lie, Jackie Chan’s child from an adulterous romance, is a young woman with her own unique set of parents and upbringing.

A lot of terrible things started to be spoken about him because of this. Later, Jackie Chan admitted to the wrongdoing and promised to pay for the expenditures of his daughter and Elaine.

Jackie Chan is one of the funniest men on the planet, but he is also one of the best action heroes. For example, Jackie Chan is fluent in English, Mandarin, and other Asian languages.

In the course of his career, Jackie Chan has been involved in numerous charitable endeavors. According to Forbes, he is one of the ten most generous celebrities in the world.

Because of his looks and the movies he’s been in, Jackie Chan is a huge hit with children. He is widely regarded as one of the greatest artists of all time. There have been over 150 films made by him, which is an incredible achievement.

Jackie Chan Quotes:

jackie chan net worth

  • “I think every young child can learn through any martial art. They would then learn to respect their life, respect their parents, respect their country, and respect the whole world.”
    — Jackie Chan

    #Country #Art #Children

  • “I hate interviews – but you have to do them.”
    — Jackie Chan

    #Hate #Interviews #I Hate

  • “When I look at young kids today I just don’t believe it, parents take away the Gameboy and they’re suicidal. They cannot take the pressure.”
    — Jackie Chan

    #Believe #Suicidal #Kids

  • “I make American films for American audiences and Asian films for Asian audiences.”
    — Jackie Chan

    #Asian #Film #Audience

  • “When I was a young stunt guy the director would say: “You’re useless…” But I wanted to be the best, I wanted to be a super stunt guy. That’s how I built myself, because of martial arts and everything.”
    — Jackie Chan

    #Art #Guy #Directors

  • “When I’m in meetings until 5 am and then have to get up two hours later for filming, sometimes I ask myself ‘why?’”
    — Jackie Chan

    #Two #Sometimes #Hours

  • “I want to build up my philosophy… my philosophy with kung fu is to respect people.”
    — Jackie Chan

    #Philosophy #People #Want

  • “Every time I make American films I just trust American directors and American writers.”
    — Jackie Chan

    #Directors #Film #American Writer

  • “When I was young I trained a lot. I trained my mind, I trained my eyes, trained my thinking, and how to help people. And it trained me how to deal with pressure.”
    — Jackie Chan



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