King of Stonks Release Date: Is This Series Coming in 2022!

King of Stonks

Six-part series King of Stonks, based on true events, follows Felix Armand (Thomas Schubert, Murder by the Lake), a programer who acts as Cable Cash’s “almost CEO” and who would stop at nothing to rise to the top of Cable Cash.

While his megalomaniacal boss Magnus (Matthias Brandt, Dark Woods) basks in the spotlight, Felix fights a crumbling wall against the mafia, investors, regulatory officials, and short sellers. It’s up to the man to decide. It’s up to you to make it up as you go. This is how Felix goes from being a poor little coder to the most notorious fraudster in post-WWII Germany.

A treacherous tightrope walk awaits Felix as he proceeds to dig himself deeper and deeper into a hole of fraudulent accounts. Cable Cash AG, the most successful FinTech company in Germany and history, is experiencing a rapid deflation of its inflated shares. What if they’re not?

King of Stonks Story

King of Stonks

The focus of the show is the world of banking, complete with all of the stereotypical images of shady dealings and nefarious characters. In the series, toxic masculinity and egotistical power-seeking are exposed to the full extent of their destructive potential.

When it comes to Felix Armand’s long-term ambitions, that’s an understatement. Felix Armand aspires reach the pinnacle of the food chain. He aspires to be the CEO of Europe’s largest Fucking FinTech company.

While the money laundering issue, investor deception, and Internet pornography are all thrown at him during the IPO. He has to keep track of everything at once. While Magnus, Magnus’s megalomaniacal employer, receives all the attention.

Felix falls in love with Sheila Williams, the woman he is supposed to keep away from The short-seller. Instead of pharmaceuticals, the bildundtonfabrik is now generating stocks! “King of Stonks” is the latest German Netflix show produced by a production company, following the worldwide success of “How to Sell Drugs Online (Fast).

” Again, the contemporary meme culture (keyword: Stonks) is f eatured in this story, as well as an international dramedy with international goals.

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King of Stonks Cast

Wilson Gonzalez As Till Hermann
Matthias Brandt
Rouven David Israel As Ali
Nino Porzio As Vito
Julian Marcel Sark
Eva Löbau As Desirée
Ali Salman As Fabian Hermann
David Vormweg As Milo
Maryam Zaree As Eva
Kais Setti As René
Mike Davies As Anthony Anderson
Jasin Challah As Mike Silver
Ricarda Seifried As Magda
Steffen Will As Olli
Déborah Jo As Julie
Stefan Lampadius As Albert
Andrei Viorel Tacu As Banker
Samy Challah As Alexis
Manfred Böll As Hans Ueli
Miriam Fiordeponti As Angela
Daniel Seniuk As Thorsten
Benjamin Höppner As Mark
Thekla Viloo Fliesberg As Stefanie
Matthias Breitenbach As Dr. Röbbelen
Jonas Leonhardi As Tontechniker
Mi Hae Lee As Narisara
Johanna Orsini-Rosenberg As Jutta Katz
Lucas Brosch As Kameramann
Anna Larissa Grosenick As Nele
Viet Anh Alexander Tran As Simon
Leander Gerdes As Polizist
Pingting Zang As Yuki
Felicia Chin-Malenski As Janine Lee
Larissa Sirah Herden
Thomas Schubert
Andreas Döhler
Sophia Burtscher
Altine Emini
Christian Skibinski As Jäger

Scams involving investment fraud, money laundering, and internet porn scandals were all brought to light. Using these methods in a medium-sized company in Germany is seen with skepticism by the German public, as one might expect.

Furthermore, Magnus, Felix’s megalomaniacal and secretive boss, resigned soon after Felix saved him from the Sicilian mafia’s clutches, leaving Felix to manage everything on his own once more. The press, politics, and the criminal underworld were all in his hands.

Since the series began, Fabienne has published two volumes. As a journalist, she has already won two Grimme prizes for her work. In anticipation of your arrival at Schlag, our dear Fabienne, we look forward to enhancing your fiction writing abilities.

Crash money instead. There are many reasons why CableCash AG has failed to become the FinTech industry leader through its IPO, including narcissism, a lack of perspective, and a significant quantity of toxic masculinity.

King of Stonks Release Date

King of Stonks

Next year, in 2022, fans may look forward to the release of King of Stonks Season 2. On July 6, 2022, Netflix will make it available to everyone in the world. Males took matters into their own hands in an era of online fraud, stock market rigging, startup culture, etc.

As an aspirational financial thinker and aspiring entrepreneur, he’s driven to push the limits of what’s possible for himself. His company’s (not precisely climbing) business prosperity depends on him lying, deceiving, planning, and deceiving ladders.

Anyone who has observed the “Stonk” craze in the real world understands that nothing lasts indefinitely. To keep things afloat, he’s going to have to give up more and more of his plans. The creators of the award-winning teen hit “How to Sell Drugs Online (Fast)” and the documentary “Shiny Flake” are back with a new show called “King of Stonks.”

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King of Stonks Trailer


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