Is Ricky Martin Single: Meet the New Boyfriend Jwan Yosef & More Details!

Is Ricky Martin Single

Ricky Martin is no longer available for purchase. At the amFAR Inspiration Gala in Sao Paolo, Brazil, on Friday, the musician appeared with his new boyfriend Jwan Yosef for the first time.

Martin, 44, and Yosef, 32, both dressed in black tuxedos, strolled hand-in-hand along the red carpet. As if to confirm his relationship, the Grammy Award winner posted a picture of himself and his girlfriend with the simple comment, “Yup.”

For the Past Year, Ricky Martin Has Been Married to Jwan Yosef

Is Ricky Martin Single

After discovering the artist’s work on Instagram, Ricky and his husband Jwan (a Syrian-born Swedish painter and artist) began their modern-day love tale.

What a stunning piece of art!’ I exclaim to myself while reading through my feed.” Who is this?’ It’s only when I start checking that I’m like, ‘Ooh.’ After that, I wrote to him,” Ricky said on SiriusXM Radio Andy’s “Andy Program.”

Six months before meeting in person, the two had been exchanging messages via social media (DM).

There was nothing sexual about our conversation about art – I swear. Life and art were at the center of the conversation. When Ricky traveled to London, he ran into him, he claimed.

It was reported on The Ellen DeGeneres Show in November of 2016 that Ricky and Jwan had been dating since the beginning of 2016.

Ricky didn’t publicly announce their marriage until after the event, but the couple quietly wed in 2017.

His response to E! News’ inquiry about a big celebration in the works for the future was simply, “I’m married, but I’ll let you know,” he said. In other words, “We exchanged vows, swore our allegiances, signed prenuptial agreements, and everything else that was required of us.”

Then he said, “It’s wonderful! I am unable to refer to him as my fiance. I’m unable to do this. We are married. “He’s my guy.”

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Jwan Yosef & Ricky Martin: How Did They Meet?

Out cover star and music superstar Jwan Yosef talks about the beginning of their relationship in an exclusive clip from an episode of Paramount+’s revival of the renowned Behind the Music documentary series.

It was love at first Insta click for me when I met Jwan on Instagram, says Ricky. Jwan Yosef’s name popped into my head when I saw his work, and I thought, “That’s a really cool name,” but I wanted to see his face.

When I saw his face, I said, “OK, this is over.'” This is a lovely dude,’ I exclaimed.

After six months of texting, he flew to London, where he had previously lived, and said, “Well, let’s meet,” he said. When I stepped out of the car and spotted him, I yelled, “Hold up. As a matter of fact, I’m pretty sure I’m going to get married to this guy.'”

Since their wedding in 2017 and the birth of their four children, the couple has become a family of six (two of whom Martin became a father to in 2008 as a single parent).

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Ricky Martin Presently Has Four Children, and He Expects to Add to That Number with Jwan in The Near Future

Is Ricky Martin Single

In 2008, Ricky gave birth to twins Matteo and Valentino as a single dad. Luca and Renn were born in December 2018 and October 2019, respectively, after he and Jwan were married.

To answer your question, Ricky and Jwan do intend to expand their family in the future, as you may have gathered.

“The answer is yes, and we’d like to see more. There are embryos in storage that have been frozen “in June of 2021, they told the public. “Every Sunday, all 34 of us grandkids gathered at my grandparents’ house.

I’ve always said, “One day, I want to open the door to my house and have many children coming at me saying, ‘Daddy, Daddy, Dad!'” That has always been a goal of mine.”

Ricky revealed on The Ellen Show in June 2021 that his daughter is not a huge fan of his singing.

“I was singing with her in Cocomelon the other day since she loved it so much. Then she says, ‘No. Please don’t go any further, Daddy.”

What are you going to do about it? Let me sing, I’d want to sing, please.’ The answer is “no, Daddy,” says a daughter. The answer is emphatical ‘no.'”

Then he remarked, “The result? She forbids me to sing! Also, this is a really important matter. Singing is not allowed by her. I can’t sing because she won’t let me!”


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