Is Penny Mordaunt Single

Is Penny Mordaunt Single: Inside the ‘Outsider’ Who Many Expect to Be the Next Prime Minister

One of the favorites to succeed Boris Johnson as Prime Minister and Conservative Party leader is Penny Mordaunt.

What do we know about Miss Mordaunt’s current residence? What is the residence of the Minister of State for Foreign Trade? Here’s what we know about her personal life and real estate holdings so far.

Minister of State (Minister for Trade Policy)

Is Penny Mordaunt Single

The Minister of State for Trade Policy’s principal responsibilities include:

  • trade remedies and trade disputes
  • World Trade Organization (WTO) engagement and reform
  • trade for development

The minister also supports the Secretary of State with:

  • live free trade agreement negotiations
  • defending against the market-distorting practice
  • trade elements of national security policy
  • UK Global Tariff policy
  • Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement for Trans-Pacific Partnership (CPTPP)
  • climate change and green trade
  • EU member state engagement
  • Ministerial Forum for Trade engagement
  • departmental legislative activity

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Lorraine Insists She Can’t Remember Penny’s Particular Roles

For reasons that are unclear, it’s possible that Lorraine is trying to keep her career prospects open by claiming she has no memory of Penny’s specific duties in the past. Being disguised as a tree doesn’t scream future Prime Minister.

On the academic front, Penny attended Oaklands Roman Catholic Comprehensive School, then went on to study philosophy at the University of Reading, where she served as President of the Students’ Union.

During her gap year after the 1989 revolution in Romania, she worked as Will Ayling’s assistant, a prominent magician and former president of the Portsmouth Magical Society, to help pay her way through college.

Her interest in magic has survived. She recently walked with a group of magicians in white bunny costumes to raise money for their cause. One of the most important skills in government is having a few tricks up one’s sleeve.

Penny worked in public relations after graduating from college, notably as the British Press Director for George W. Bush’s 2000 campaign, which narrowly defeated Bob Dole.

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What is the address of Penny Mordaunt’s residence?

Is Penny Mordaunt Single

While born in Torquay, Ms. Mordaunt has lived in a variety of locations across the United Kingdom.

She attended the University of Reading to study philosophy after attending a Catholic school in Waterlooville, Hampshire as a youngster.

The South Coast of England is home to Ms. Mordaunt, a rarity among British politicians.

Although she had previously posted a picture of her cat, ‘Moggs,’ on Instagram, it is widely accepted that she is an only child.

Videos of Ms. Mordaunt in her home have given viewers a peek at what life is like there.

The Portsmouth North MP has been spotted in front of a modest brick house with white windows and a huge front door on a number of instances.

The house looks similar to the PM’s London pad on Downing Street, despite its seeming diminutiveness.

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