Is Lauren Goodger Single: What Exactly Happened During Her Time with Charles Drury, and How Long Were They Together?

Is Lauren Goodger Single

After the shocking news that she is carrying her second child, Lauren Goodger said, “being a single parent does not worry me.”

The 35-year-old and her ex-boyfriend Charles Drury had their first child, a daughter named Larose, in July of 2017.

After breaking up with the builder last year and reconciling lately, Lauren kicked Charles out after model Amy Gilbert came forward to tell details of a heated romance she had with Charles.

Their shock was palpable when Lauren announced the pregnancy to OK! magazine, saying that she and Charles are expecting their second daughter.

She explained that she had hesitated to share the good news because she was conflicted about what to do and that she was experiencing “mum guilt” since she was concerned that her second pregnancy might negatively affect her six-month-old daughter Larose.

She and Charles had recently separated, and she had kicked him out of her Essex house, but she insisted that they planned to continue co-parenting their daughters.

Lauren, though, is resolved to do her best as a mother in whatever circumstances. Rather than wallowing in self-pity, I have decided to show strength and get things done.

If I end up being a single mother, that’s fine with me; I’m looking forward to having another child. She said, “I’ll raise my two children on my own, and it’ll be rewarding.

Lauren said she hopes her mother’s presence at her home will help her get through this “rocky moment” and help her heal her shattered heart.

It’s been a very trying time for me. But just now, my attention must be on the developing baby.

She stated, “I’m a very hands-on mom, it’s all on me, so it doesn’t seem much different,” before adding that Charles has “truly damaged me” and that she is unsure of what the future holds.

In other words, who is this Lauren Goodger person?

Is Lauren Goodger SingleThe reality star, hairstylist, singer, TV host, and columnist Lauren Rose Goodger has done it all. Bethnal Green, London is where she spent her formative years after being born on September 19, 1986.


Lauren shot to fame as one of the first series regulars on the MTV reality competition The Only Way Is Essex.

As herself, she exploded onto the scene in the first of 63 episodes spanning series one through six of the hit ITV reality show.

Even though Lauren supposedly was asked to leave in 2012, she returned for a little while in 2016. The ex-Towie actress uses Instagram to advertise things and discuss her life with her over 796,000 followers.

Lauren competed in the eighth season of Dancing on Ice in 2013, and she joined the cast of Celebrity Big Brother for its 14th season in August of 2014.

She went on the 2019 season of “Celebs Go Dating” in search of love.

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Charles Drury is the name of Lauren Goodger’s boyfriend.

Chesterfield resident and amateur football player Charles Drury is the man Lauren Goodger is seeing. In July of 2021, the couple welcomed a daughter, which they named Larose.

There are problems in their relationship, but Lauren told OK Magazine: “It has never been better than it is right now. I’m happy we went through that because it made us stronger as a unit.”

The footballer, like his fiancée, has an OnlyFans account and is signed with the modeling agency FOMO. Charles, who is 11 years older than Lauren, first gained fame in 2019 after having an affair with Katie Price, whom he met on Instagram.

Before Katie took him to Turkey, the two of them spent a steamy night together in a hotel in the Cotswolds.

What happened between Lauren Goodger and Charles Drury?

Charles has just come clean about having an affair with Amy Gilbert during his split from Lauren, but he quickly ended things and reconciled with Lauren, the mother of his kid.

‘It was four or five days from the initial point of contact from ever talking to this Amy girl to me saying it was a mistake and I didn’t want to speak to her again,’ he revealed to The Sun.

On the first night of the meeting, she suggested sleeping together. The fact that they are idiots means that things did occur.

Lauren and Charles got back together but are now separated; he admitted to a one-night stand shortly before she announced they were expecting again.

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Explain who Charles Drury is

Is Lauren Goodger Single

At the age of 22, Charles is a builder and an amateur football player, and he also models for the FOMO agency and maintains his own account on OnlyFans.

Before commencing a relationship with Lauren in 2020, he dated Katie Price in 2019 after they met on Instagram.


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