Is Kelsey Plum Single: Jersey, Wedding, Height, Weight, Husband & More Information!

Is Kelsey Plum Single

A professional basketball player from the United States, Kelsey Plum plays point guard for the Las Vegas Aces. Prior to this, she played collegiate basketball at the NCAA Division I level.

The University of Washington was Kelsey’s college of choice. Moreover, she was a member of the U19 Team in 2013 and the Pan American Team in 2014. She also (2015).

The San Antonio Stars selected Kelsey as the first overall pick in the 2017 WNBA Draft. The WNBA has changed the course of her life since her first game versus the Dallas Wings.

Is Kelsey Plum a Lesbian or Married?

Is Kelsey Plum Single

Right present, Kelsey is a newlywed. She identifies as a lesbian sexually. Kayla McBride has been a former flame of hers. Kayla is a professional basketball player from the United States.

With Kayla McBride, Kelsey Plum Kayla McBride, and Kelsey Plum in action (Photo via Las Vegas Review)
Right now, she’s more concerned with her basketball career than she is with finding a man to spend the rest of her life with. In 2016, she finally tied the knot with Josh, her longtime boyfriend of many years.

No, she doesn’t seem to be in a relationship with D’Angelo Russell at all. Plum and D’Angelo Russell were rumored to be dating each other. Russell is a professional basketball player in the United States. On Saturday, May 25, 2019, the couples were observed having a good time together at Protein House in Sin City.

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D’Angelo Russell and Kelsey Plum

D’Angelo Russell and Kelsey Plum (Picture: Bios of Players). They were acting like a couple when they were spotted. On top of that, they each have a mutually-followed Instagram account.

Everyone who saw them together thought they were having a great time. D’Angelo Russel’s ex-girlfriend Gabby Engersgaard was seen with them shortly after the breakup.

Kelsey Plum and D’Angelo Russell were spotted together!

So, Here Is The Disclosure Many fans wonder what is so goofy in Kelsey Plum getting spotted with NBA All-Star D’Angelo Russell; then here is the fact we came to know about the news that hit the internet.

In Vegas at the Protein house, the Jerry West Award winner for 2019, D’Angelo, was spotted with Kesley on May 25, 2019. According to the reports, it was an early Saturday afternoon, and they were pretending like a couple.

The meeting just happened as D’Angelo’s had a terrible divorce with his girlfriend, Gabby Engersgaard. But, no wonder, was he seeking empathy, or were he and Kesley truly into each other? The fact is kept under wraps.

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Kelsey Plum Is how Old? a Person’s Height and Appearance Are Important Factors

Is Kelsey Plum Single


Kelsey Plum was born in Poway, California, in 1994. She is currently 27 years old. Kelsey’s star sign is Virgo, which indicates that she has an industrious mentality and intellectual abilities.

Because she was born into a basketball family, she had no excuse not to pursue a career in the sport. The player for the San Antonio Stars has broken multiple professional records.

Her height is 5 feet 8 inches (173 cm) and she weighs approximately 60 kilograms (145 lbs). Kesley’s athletic physique is the result of years of training. Her actual bodily measurements, on the other hand, remain a mystery to the press.

Her other distinguishing features are a full head of long, dark brown hair and eyes that complement her light skin tone well.


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