Is Joshua Bassett Single: The Development of Sabrina Carpenter and Joshua Bassett’s Romantic Relationship

Is Joshua Bassett Single

Speculation that singer Joshua Bassett was involved in a love triangle with Sabrina Carpenter and Olivia Rodrigo led to many fans wondering if their favorite artists were dating.

Does Josh currently have a girlfriend? In 2020, rumors circulated that he dated Olivia before moving on to Sabrina. Dissecting the “Love Triangle” Between Olivia Rodrigo, Joshua Bassett, and Sabrina Carpenter

Now that you understand the complicated love triangle between Josh, Sabrina, and Olivia, you may dig into Josh’s past relationships.

Can you tell me if Joshua Bassett has a girlfriend and if so, who is he seeing?

Is Joshua Bassett Single

The lack of a girlfriend in Josh’s Instagram posts promoting his new tracks “Lie Lie Lie” and “Only a Matter of Time” suggests he is now single.

Some of his followers are under the impression that he’s seeing Sabrina Carpenter; for details, keep reading.

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Is Sabrina Carpenter in a relationship with Joshua Bassett?

There was speculation that Josh and Sabrina were dating before the end of last year, but neither has confirmed or denied their status in any public forum.

Since Olivia released the now-famous heartache music that was ‘Drivers License’ in October, the two haven’t spoken publicly about their relationship, but they have been seen together in public on numerous occasions since July and have posted photos of their outings and matching Halloween costumes.

Tweet from Pop Crave: (@PopCrave) October 4, 2021

Although they have yet to make any official statements about their relationship, the two Disney stars were recently spotted on what may have been a date.

At the beginning of October, Josh and Sabrina were spotted by keen-eyed fans at the Madison Square Garden Harry Styles concert.

The Love On Tour appearance marked the first public appearance of the two in months; their relationship status is currently unknown but they are still on good terms.

Check out the photos below to learn all about Joshua’s previous and present relationships.

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Rodrigo, Olivia

A large portion of the HSMTMTS audience assumed the couple actually dated after the show’s debut.

They never came out and announced they were dating, but in a January 2020 interview with the Los Angeles Times, Olivia stated of her on- and off-screen boyfriend Joshua, “I adore him so much.”

Since he is my best friend, I was able to act with complete sincerity and authenticity. I felt like I wasn’t in on the act at all. Following the January 2021 release of “Drivers License,” people have speculated about the couple’s alleged past connection.

In an interview with GQ published in December 2021, Joshua addressed the subject at length, revealing, “[Rodrigo] hasn’t spoken to me since ‘Drivers License’ came out.”

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Miss Sabrina Carpenter

Is Joshua Bassett Single

In July of 2020, a fan claimed to have seen Joshua and Sabrina at a Black Lives Matter protest in L.A., and the rumors began. Witness tweeted at the time that she saw Joshua kiss Sabrina on the forehead.

Just Jared Jr. discovered images showing the two of them laughing at lunch with her sister, Sarah Carpenter, a little over a month later. Not until Joshua and Sabrina posted Halloween 2020 TikTok videos of themselves as Sharkboy and Lavagirl did relationship rumors begin to circulate online about the two.

A social media user named Sabrina and Joshua appeared in a January 2021 photo together in Park City, Utah. Shortly thereafter, Olivia released a song titled “Drivers Licence,” which featured the lyrics, “And you’re probably with that blonde girl / Who always made me doubt / She’s so much older than me / She’s everything I’m insecure about.”

This led fans to believe that the former Disney Channel stars were involved in a love triangle with Olivia. Fans with sharp eyes spotted the couple at an October 2021 Harry Styles concert and posted images online.

When asked by a reporter in December 2021 about his relationship status, Joshua said, “Being in a relationship is a responsibility.” What exactly happened between them is unknown. I’m not sure I’m prepared for it.”


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