Is Aparna Still Single: In 2022, How Many of The Indian Matchmaking Couples Are Still Together?

Is Aparna Still Single

Netflix has approved a second season of Indian Matchmaking, and the company has just put out a casting call for single people over the age of 18 who live in the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, or Ireland.

In the show, Aunty Sima, played by Sima Taparia, is a marital counselor in Mumbai who employs both modern and age-old techniques to help her clients find love.

In the inaugural season, Aunty Sima put eight singles through her paces in an effort to pair them off. But where have they gone, and how many of them are still together, from the initial cast? Whatever you’re looking to know about, you can find it in Newsweek.

Some of the stars of Indian Matchmaking are currently without a significant other.

Is Aparna Still Single

A happy ending for the contestants is not guaranteed on the show. In an interview with Today in the year 2022, Sima said that she sometimes spends years helping clients find their perfect match because “it’s destiny,” and that there is no “magic wand” to finding love.

Viewers saw Vinesh Vasnani go out on dates with Mosum and Meena during the show’s run. But he said it felt like he’d been “stabbed in the heart with a plastic knife” when Meena rejected him. Vinesh is still Baags’ dog dad, and he can be found on Instagram at @vineshfresh.

Instagram user @heartbeatzdr is Arshneel Kochar’s secret account. He dated Anjali and Rinkle during Indian Matchmaking but viewers were left on a cliffhanger in episode 6 as to how things went with Rinkle.

Aparna Shewakramani and Nadia Jagessar were both on Indian Matchmaking season 1. The two returned for season 2 but both ended the season still not finding ‘the one.

Akshay Dhumal is still single after the show but he said he is looking forward to meeting nice people in the future with Sima’s help. Find Akshay on IG @akshay 910.

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Shital Patel and Niraj Mehta

Sima set Shital up on dates with Kothari and Avi, but it was Shital’s sister who introduced her to Niraj Mehta.

They appear to be close in 2022 based on the number of comments each makes on the other’s Instagram posts, and she ended her time on the show by saying that she “loved” Niraj.

You can follow Shital @therealshitalpatel and Niraj @dr.rajmoves on Instagram to see what they’re up to.

Sima paired Viral and Aashay during Indian Matchmaking, and the two seemed to hit it off immediately.

At the end of the series, she and he were seen discussing how they could make their long-distance relationship work while they both remained in their respective home states of New Jersey and New York.

Both Aashay (@aashayshah 18) and Viral (@viraljoshi_) have omitted any mention of the other from their Instagram accounts. The Los Angeles Times, however, claims that they are still a couple.

Viral declared Ashay the “best guy she had ever dated” at the end of season 2.

Is Aparna dating?

For now, it looks like Aparna is still single, as per her Instagram. But she did put up a post with an excerpt from her book, ‘She’s Unlikeable: And Other Lies that Bring Women Down’, where she spoke about her quest to find love and her tryst with reality TV.

The paragraph, which is from her acknowledgment section reads — ”And to everyone who ever loathed, reviled, or detested me owing to my representation on a television show.

Thank you. You are the precise reason I continue to speak up for successful, determined women who want love but aren’t ready to settle for anything less than the partner they believe they deserve.

You are the reason I live my truth every single day.” I really hope Aparna is successful in her search! Season 2 of “Indian Matchmaking” may be viewed on Netflix now.

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D. Vyasar Ganesan

Is Aparna Still Single

Vyasa Ganesan, a teacher in Austin, was paired with Rashi Gupta, a veterinarian who specializes in caring for unusual and exotic pets.

When a face reader assured him and Rashi that their issues would be resolved, things seemed to be going swimmingly for the couple.

Unfortunately, the couple broke up and opted to remain friends. Vyasa’s feelings for Manisha Dass likewise fizzled out.

Vyasa made these comments to the L.A. Times: “Everyone involved is completely innocent. It’s not easy to set two people up. I’m grateful to have been paired with such amazing, motivating people as Rash and Manisha.”


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