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Hugh Hefner, According to The Secrets of Playboy Documentary, Was Involved in Bestiality.

Some former Playboy employees allege sexual abuse on the job in the new A+E Networks docuseries Secrets Of Playboy.

One of the women who comes forward with troubling claims is Miki Garcia, the former head of promotions, who says that a sponsor sexually abused her.

We investigate Garcia’s statements in greater depth.

One of the ladies who came out with allegations

playboy Docuseries

During His Time as A Playboy, Garcia Was Raped Twice by A Sponsor at An Auto Show. Garcia Worked in The Industry from 1973 until 1982.

So that other women wouldn’t have to go through what she had, she resolved to keep quiet and advance in her career. The now-75-year-old man said in an interview.

During group intercourse, Hefner allegedly did not wear protection.

Madison mentioned that on their first date, Hefner offered her quaaludes, which she claims he referred to as “thigh openers,” in an interview. She also remembers the distressing details of her first sexual encounter with him.

Madison says Hefner was lying in the middle of the bed with a gathering of women surrounding him while pornography played on the television in the background and the lights turned off.

According to Madison, Hefner didn’t even bother using protection throughout all that group sex.

In her memoir, Down the Rabbit Hole, published in 2015, Madison further details these alleged sexual encounters, stating, “It was so brief that I can’t even recollect what it felt like beyond having a huge body on top of me.”

Girls Next Door stars and identical twins Karissa and Kristina Shannon say Hefner didn’t use condoms when they dated him in 2008 and 2010.

The twins say they both contracted chlamydia from Hefner at his mansion, where it was “going around” when they began dating when they were 18 and he was 83.

They say that the dirty secrets of Playboy culture were covered up by the cleanup crews.
The docuseries claims that Playboy club house scandals were routinely covered up by club security and Bunny Mothers.

(Bunny Mothers were women, often former Bunnies themselves, who handled the Bunnies at the clubs.) Former Bunny Mother P.J. Masten stated in an interview that cleanups were coordinated efforts to prevent allegations of wrongdoing from reaching the media or the police department.

Former Playboy security James Ellis claimed that cleanup staff were pressured into silence for their job, which he claims included covering up rapes and overdoses.

From 1975 through 1982, Masten served as a Bunny Mother, during which time she says she “cleaned up” 40 to 50 cases of sexual assault and that in the event of a rape, it was necessary to speak with Playboy security before transporting the victim to the hospital in order to avoid LAPD investigation.

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New Docuseries Feature Former Playboy Workers

The ten-part A&E documentary series Secrets Of Playboy, which focuses on women who worked at Playboy in the adult business, premieres on January 24, 2022. There are some very scary accusations in there.

In the most recent episode (airing on February 21), former Playboy promotion chief Miki Garcia and “Bunny Mother” PJ Masten made shocking allegations regarding their time at the company.

Garcia said the culture at Playboy was “cult-like,” and she made allegations of sexual abuse when discussing her rise through the company.

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Allegations from Miki Garcia

 playboy Docuseries

Playmate Miki Garcia, a former head of promotions, was recently a guest on Secrets Of Playboy, where she discussed her time in the industry.

Garcia worked for Playboy from 1973 to 1982, and the Daily Mail reports that she alleges she was a victim of sexual assault during her time there.

Miki claims that one of her sponsors raped her twice while she was working at an auto show. The now-75-year-old explains why she didn’t want Playboy to think she was a whiner or someone who couldn’t do the job in the documentary series.

Which is why I had to unleash my inner tough guy. This was always the end result I expected all along.

Garcia, despite her alleged horror, pursued a successful career path, swearing to herself that her attacker would never again be employed by Playboy.

The fired worker said to the camera, “I was going to go into a position of power so no lady had to put up with that sort of behaviour from any man just because she had a rabbit head emblem on her.”

According to Garcia, “When my rapist ordered up a Playmate for a job, I simply instructed my secretary to warn him to never call again.”

In an effort to get a response from Playboy, HITC has contacted out to them.

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