Good Trouble Season 5 Release Date: Everything You Need to Know!

Good Trouble Season 5

On July 8, 2022, Hulu will begin streaming the fourth season of the Freeform original series Good Trouble.

Freeform had already started broadcasting the drama series on March 9, 2022, when it went on a break until July 7, 2022, when it returned. As the fourth season on Hulu draws closer, fans are already speculating about the fifth.

The characters Callie Adams Foster and Mariana Adams Foster star in Good Trouble, a spin-off of the hit television series The Fosters. The two travel to Los Angeles in search of work and to begin to establish their individual and collective identities.

A few years after the events of The Fosters, this narrative takes place. Fans will be captivated by the adventures of these two young women as they navigate the big city under the guidance of showrunners Joanna Johnson, Bradley Bredeweg, and Peter Paige.

Good Trouble Season 5 Cast

Good Trouble Season 5

These actors and actresses might be seen reprising their roles in the drama: Sherry Cola, who portrayed Isabella on the show in Season 4, and Priscilla Quintana, who played Alice in Season 4.

Emma Hunton and Bryan Craig may also reprise their roles as Joaquin and Davia, respectively. Zuri Adele and Josh Pence, who played Malika and Dennis, are also back.

There is a possibility that the show will feature Kara Wang and Tommy Martinez and Hailie Sahar and TJ Linnard and Marcus Emanuel Mitchell.

Can’t wait to see what season 5 of Good Trouble will bring! Please share your opinions in the space provided. Keep checking back with us for all the newest happenings in the entertainment industry.

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Season 5 of Good Trouble: Is It Really Happening?

It’s still too early to tell if we’ll see another season of Good Trouble once this one concludes. For US viewers, Good Trouble will be available on Freeform and Hulu in the fall of 2021 after the third season finale of the spinoff of ABC drama The Fosters, which followed sisters Callie and Mariana Foster as young professionals in Los Angeles (until Callie departed).

There has been no official word from the show’s creators on whether or not the fourth season will be the show’s final one. As a result, it might go either way, but we’re going to wait for a season 5 announcement instead.

In the past, the show’s destiny has been revealed during the halfway point of the fourth season or even at the end of the season. Even if this is the final chapter, we still have a lot to unpack (Davia and Dennis, Mariana and Evan… will Callie return? What happened to Callie and Jamie when they were in DC? One season couldn’t possibly cover everything!

As soon as the first episode aired back in 2019, we were enamored with the entire cast and crew of The Coterie and almost considered moving to Los Angeles so we could join them in living together.

For our two protagonists, Callie and Mariana, life has taken a turn for the better since the last time we saw them on the big screen (more than once). Here’s hoping that the fifth season of Good Trouble is on its way!

Good Trouble Season 5 Release Date

Good Trouble Season 5

February 17, 2021, at 20:00 EST was the debut date for Season 3 of Good Trouble.

Good Trouble’s fourth season will premiere on March 9th, 2022, on Freeform.

What the FreeForm Channel plans to do with “Good Trouble” is not apparent. If past episodes are any indication, the fifth season of Trouble will begin airing on January 5th, 2023.

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