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Glow up Season 4: Inauguration, Appearance of Special Guests and Participants in The Competition!

Glow Up: Britain’s Next Make-Up Star returns to BBC Three for its fourth season. New make-up artists from around the country will compete for the attention of regular judges Val Garland and Dominic Skinner, along with many special guests and industry professionals.

The creative abilities of this year’s participants will be put to the test in a variety of high-stakes professional projects, including television, theatre, fashion, front covers, and online beauty ads.

According to the BBC, this is how the program is put together: “Each week, the two MUAs who have failed to impress the series’ judges the least, Val Garland and Dominic Skinner, face off in a Face-Off elimination, putting their technical abilities on display for all to see.

Finalists in Britain’s Next Make-up Star compete for a contract to assist some of the world’s most prominent make-up artists.” Presenter Maya Jama, who took over the job of the host in 2021, will be joining Val and Dominic, but who else will be on the panel this year, when does Glow Up begin, and who are the contestants? Everything you need to know can be found here.

What is Glow Up about?

“Glow Up” is an abbreviation for Glow Up: Britain’s Next Make-Up Star, a reality television competition to discover new makeup artists.

To advance in the tournament, the competitors must complete weekly challenges.

A professional brief, which is normally set by a guest judge at the last minute, and a creative brief, which might be prepared in advance.

There are two preliminary bottom two MUAs that are selected at the end of the professional challenge.

These two candidates must finish their creative brief in 15 minutes while seated in scarlet chairs, a symbol of their deprivation from the rest of the field.

As soon as an MUA in a red chair wins over one of the judges, that MUA is no longer in the running for elimination.

It comes down to a face-off between two MUAs who must demonstrate that they can accomplish one make-up technique in 15 minutes or less.

To ensure a level playing field, the contestants each used one of two sets of identical twins as a model.

After an MUA is eliminated, the other MUA advances to the following episode.

Series one began on BBC Three in March 2019, series two in May 2020, and series three in April 2021, all on the network’s digital channel.

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Who is the Glow Up series 4 guest judges?

Glow Up season four features ten hopefuls vying for the title of Britain’s next make-up artist.

In order to avoid the dreaded red chairs and the prospect of being booted from the competition, they must compete in an industry challenge and complete a creative brief.

Some of the world’s most famous MUAs will be working with the winners on a long-term basis (make-up artists).


glow up season 4

Liverpool-based At the age of just 21, Adam is already a self-employed makeup artist.

@adamblends has more than 58,000 followers and is full of sultry glam make-up tutorials and photos.

Despite the fact that his glam is on-trend, he still likes to draw inspiration from his own culture while creating new looks.

I want to set an example for other Pakistani Muslim boys and girls by demonstrating that everything is possible with make-up, as Adam stated.


glow up season 4

Charlie identifies as a “working-class gender fluid queer artist” on their Instagram bio.

He/she/they pronouns are used by the Telford, Shropshire, woman, 21, who shares custody of their 18-month-old daughter with their ex.

Over 180,000 people follow Charlie on Instagram and TikTok under the moniker @Queenaerosol.

As well as bettering his own situation and that of his kid, Charlie hopes to become a make-up teacher and mentor to other LGBT make-up fans.


glow up season 4

The Irish Makeup Artist Kris, better known on Instagram as @cannon.fx, is a self-taught artist.

While only having attended one course in FX make-up, he makes sophisticated and detailed character make-up, such as leprechaun, clown, and troll dolly.

Kris, a 28-year-old make-up artist, relocated to London in 2021 to pursue his goals.

Even though he works during the day at the MAC counter, he is the resident MUA at Cirque le Soir, a nightclub where he can show off his skills.


glow up season 4

MUA with no formal training. In spite of Mikaél’s lack of experience as a make-up artist, she has huge ambitions.

For the first time, he declared, “I’m already yearning to be one of the greatest make-up artists!”

It’s still early days for Instagram user @Kam Lilian, who goes by the name of a chameleon.

Mikaél, a 23-year-old beauty wunderkind, has a unique style that combines glam with abstract make-up and fun colors.


glow up season 4

Ryan’s forte is high-concept and artistic make-up, which he frequently displays on his social media accounts.

He said: “The Manchester Terrorist Attacks helped me realize that becoming an MUA was my desired career.”

At the age of 14/15, he experimented with drag and now studies prosthetics at Bolton University.

rybeaumua is where he posts all of his ethereal make-up looks.


glow up season 4

Sophie Gouk, a freelance makeup artist better known as @MackerelMonday on Instagram, is 26 years old.

The London-based MUA’s Instagram is full of fantastical monsters and cryptids, many of which are given a creative makeover by the MUA.

Collections like queer fairy tales and ocean beauty are shown on their website, which combines beauty with prosthetics and special effects.

They remarked, “I’ve had a difficult time establishing myself in the field, but I’m finally being recognized for my unique work.”


glow up season 4

Rachel, a 24-year-old beauty guru, calls herself a “Beauty Content Queen.”

Her interest in cosmetics led her to pursue a career in pharmaceuticals.

After each episode of Glow Up, she will post a behind-the-scenes video on her YouTube account, which she runs.

If you want to see Rachel’s most recent innovative looks, follow her on Instagram at @beatbyrache.


glow up season 4

MUA Nancé’s Instagram account is called @thenskbeauty, where she shows her sultry looks.

29-year-old Nancé works as a professional make-up artist and content producer for Lancome and other high-end cosmetics brands.

Asked if she was ready to make her own seat at the table, she said: “I’ve had a hard time breaking in, so now I’m ready to do it.”

Among her many projects as a freelance MUA are numerous bridal looks, music films, and fashion magazines.


glow up season 4

Besides being a primary school teacher, Lisa is also a makeup artist on Instagram.

More than 330,000 people follow her on the video-sharing app TikTok, where she flaunts her outlandish and brightly colored attire.

A self-taught Shapeshifter, Lisa, 26, explains herself in her Instagram bio.

Now that the tables have turned, I’ve inspired my Primary School students to pursue their aspirations.”


glow up season 4

Yong-Chin, 25, is a creative director who also doubles as a makeup artist.

ymbreslin has a broad variety of styles on Instagram, from bare-faced beauty to vibrant, flowery art.

As much as she is proud of her Glaswegian roots, her Asian ethnicity inspires much of her work.

Yong-Chin remarked, “I’m desperate to follow my dream of becoming a make-up artist.”

Who are the Season 4 Glow Up guest judges?
Guest judges will once again join longtime judges Val Garland and Dominic Skinner.

This year’s competition will feature a variety of guest judges who specialize in a particular area of makeup.

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Who is the current Glow Up champions?

This year’s Glow Up winner is Sophie Baverstock, and she has since gone on to build a large social media following thanks to her cosmetic skills.

BC Glow Up season 4

A Hong Kong-born cosmetics artist, Ophelia Liu, won Season 2, whereas Season 1’s first-ever winner was Ellis Atlantis, a drag queen and former retail assistant who worked full-time on a beauty counter in a department store. However, may there be a fourth winner in the near future?

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