Khanyi Mbau Net Worth 2022: A look at South African TV star Life and Personal Life

Mbau, Khanyi Net Worth

You can’t help but fall in love with her since she’s sexy, attractive, and naturally beautiful. Khanyi Mbau has appeared on local television for a long time, and she has never let us down. When she’s not in the public eye, the talented actress and program host is as open as she is on-screen. The mother of an equally gorgeous young girl, she is also an accomplished career lady. What do you want to know about her?

Soweto’s Mofolo village, where she grew up with her mother and grandmother, is where she owes her career as an actor, artist, and television personality. Lasizwe Dambuza, her younger half-sibling, is also an actor, radio and television personality.

Family Details

He was born in Hillbrow, Johannesburg, as Khanyi Mbau. Khanyisile is her given name, and it means “light bringer” in Tswana. For almost three decades, Khanyi Mcunu’s father, Menzi Mcunu, has worked in the taxi industry. Other enterprises are owned by him. Lynette Sisi Mbau, Khanyi’s mother, apparently worked in finance. Khanyi was raised by her strict grandmother, Gladys, in Soweto because her parents never married.

Mbau, Khanyi Net Worth

Career Details

However, despite Khanyi Mbau’s well-publicized 2005 affair with millionaire Mandla Mthembu, she’s long had aspirations of a career in the entertainment sector.

Those who saw the popular children’s television show Kideo will recognise Khanyi.

Muvhango, a popular soap opera, was Khanyi’s first big break in 2004. The character she was portraying was Doobsie. As a teenager, Khanyi nabbed a starring role in the film. During an appearance on The Close Out with Nicky Greenwall, she opened up about how she got the position.

At the time, I was just 17 years old.” When I got my first job, I got paid R80 000. I’ve never had a job in my life.. Yes, I made money from Kideo Kids, but it was always my mother’s money, and now here I am, with my first pay check of $80,000 in my bank account, boom, boom, boom. Nicky was surprised to learn that she had only opened the account two days prior since she was instructed by the bank that she required an account to deposit her income into.

Until 2005, Khanyi worked at Muvhango, where she was allegedly sacked for her penchant for excessive drinking.

Mzansi, Uzalo, Abomama, After 9, Ashes to Ashes, aYeYe, eKasi: Our Stories, Soul City, and Scandal are just a few of the actress’s credits.

For three seasons, Khanyi presented her own show, Katch it with Khanyi.

Khanyi’s departure from Strictly Come Dancing SA in 2014 was unexpected. Despite being ousted, she was dogged by rumours of vote tampering. Khanyi’s followers, notably TV personality Lalla Hirayama, were unimpressed by the show’s producers’ denials and clarifications of the voting method.

After being asked to return for the finale, Khanyi politely declined, stating that she had “no interest” in participating in their “damage control episode”.

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Khanyi Mbau And Mandla Mthembu Daughter

Khanukani nicknamed Cannes, Khanyi Mbau’s daughter, is her only child. A former wealthy, Mandla Mthembu is the father of her only child.

Since Khanyi and Mandla began dating in 2005, their romance has been widely publicised. Despite dating an older man, she was branded a gold-digger. Khanyi was 30 years his senior. In addition to identical yellow Lamborghinis and fine clothing, Mandla lavished her with gifts. Two years after they were married, the couple’s romance came to an abrupt end.

Khanyi’s daughter has over 50,000 followers on Instagram. As far as I know, Khanu’s account is completely private. On social media, she goes by the maiden name of her mother.

Khanyi Mbau Cars

Khanyi Mbau has been driving high-end automobiles since she was in her late teens. The actor has previously owned a Lamborghini and a number of Porsche automobiles. Her most recent acquisition, a yellow Porsche GTS, was made in June of this year.

Net Worth

Khanyi Mbau is one of the wealthiest television actresses in the world, and she is also one of the most popular television actresses. According to our research, Khanyi Mbau’s net worth is roughly $10 million, as reported by Wikipedia, Forbes, and Business Insider.

She began her acting career with guest appearances on the South African television programs Scandal and After 9.

Mbau took over the character of Doobsie on Muvhango in 2004 after actress Lindiwe Chibi was shot by her boyfriend and replaced her. She was fired from the post a year later, purportedly because she spent too much time partying and appearing in Sunday tabloids, according to reports. Mbau made his television debut as Mbali in the second season of the hit SABC 1 drama series Mzansi, which premiered in 2006. The show was not renewed for a third season by the South African Broadcasting Corporation. Mbau went on to play the character of Zee in the SABC 1 mini-series After 9, which aired in 2007.

Who Is Khanyi Mbau Dating?

Khanyi Mbau is believed to have married Mandla Mthembu, according to our data. As of December 2021, Khanyi Mbau’s is not in a relationship with someone.

Khanyi Mbau’s previous partnerships are not shown on our site since we do not have any information about them. You may be able to assist us in compiling the date information for Khanyi Mbau!

Mbau was cast in the supporting role of “Pinky” in Ashes to Ashes,’s first-ever telenovela, which premiered in April 2015. In November 2015, she was nominated for the Channel24 Online Awards, which recognised local bands, stars, and public figures that have a strong and significant online presence. She was nominated for the “Best Instagram Account” award.

End Lines

Khanyi Mbau, a well-known television personality, is at the helm of the cast. In addition to her acting career, the Queen of Bling has made news with her personal life as well as her professional life. Diamond is one of Tanzania’s most well-known celebrities.

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