Growing Up Hip Hop Season 7 Release Date: Is This Series Coming in 2022!

Growing Up Hip Hop Season 7
Growing Up Hip Hop Season 7

Viewers have long been fascinated by the lives of children whose famous parents are in the public eye.. MTV series “Run’s House,” which documented the life of former rapper-turned-reverend Joseph Simmons (aka Rev. Run) to smash hit show “Keeping Up with Kardashians,” fans can’t get enough of the inside details of the lives of the wealthy and famous. “Growing Up Hip Hop” has also given viewers a glimpse into these opulent lifestyles in recent years.

For six seasons, the show has given viewers a glimpse into the private lives of some of the biggest names in the music industry. Everything is looking up for “Growing Up Hip Hop” in Season 7. Here’s everything we know so far about the upcoming season, including the premiere date, cast, and other details. Among those who have appeared in the past are Angela Simmons, the daughter of Rev. Run, Romeo Miller, the son of Master P, and Briana Latrise, Mary J. Blige’s stepdaughter.

Growing Up Hip Hop Season 7 Release Date: When It Is Going To Be Out?

As of this writing, the seventh season of “Growing Up Hip Hop” has not yet been aired. There has also been no official announcement that the show will be returning for another season. Assuming the network decides to move forward with more episodes, the new season could premiere in the spring, as it has done in the past.

According to IMDb, the sixth season premiered on May 13th, with new episodes airing on WEtv on Thursdays. Season 6 of the show can already be seen in its entirety online via WEtv, so Season 7 will most likely be made available after its premiere date.

If the show’s current popularity is any indication, a seventh season of “Growing Up Hip Hop” has a good chance of being picked up. An audience demand for “Growing Up Hip Hop” is 1.7 times greater than the average U.S. TV series, according to Parrot Analytics research.

More stories have been requested by fans of the series, who have made it clear that they want more.


It’s time for the seventh season of Growing Up Hip Hop!

Big changes were made to the cast of “Growing Up Hip Hop” in Season 6 of the show. Master P and his son Romeo Miller were the show’s most notable exits. Both on Instagram and in a video shared by TMZ, Master P has explained why he is leaving the show. There is no real love triangle between Miller and Angela Simmons, according to Master P’s post on the show’s official Facebook page.

That way, you’ll be able to see how they twist people’s words and turn positive moments into negative ones the next time you watch the show,” he wrote in the post. It was because of this that we decided to leave six months ago.

In the video, Master P discusses the story’s deception with a producer.

“To see them fall in love is what you’re hoping for. You can’t have love in that.” Finally, Master P spoke directly to TMZ and said: “These companies only care about ratings and creating negative edits… that have been destroying families for years on television.” “Because he knew his words would be altered,” Romeo no longer wanted to do one-on-one interviews with the camera, he said.

Additionally, Egypt Criss announced on Instagram that she would not be returning. The rest of the cast should be on board except for those three.

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Growing Up Hip Hop Season 7 Storyline: What Can We Expect?

Season 7 of “Growing Up Hip Hop” sounds like it’s going to be a tense one based on the information that Off The Fence has released. Her new baby has prompted Angela Simmons to open up about her breakup and the perceptions of her life as an unmarried mother. In the meantime, Vanessa Simmons talks about her desire to get to know Angela better, which prompts a sibling rivalry between the sisters.

Is it any surprise that Angela’s relationships will take up the majority of the new season following Master P and Romeo Miller’s conflict?

A seventh season has yet to be announced, so details about what the new episodes might look like are scarce. However, with so much interest in continuing the storylines, ongoing drama between cast members, and the rapidly changing lives of the wealthy and famous, there is no shortage of material to draw from. For updates on “Growing Up Hip Hop,” stay tuned.

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Growing Up Hip Hop Season 7 Trailer


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