Following Wrong Advice in Blackjack Strategy Can Play a Bad Joke

Following Wrong Advice in Blackjack Strategy Can Play a Bad Joke

Casinos have a wide variety of casino games, some of which are highly dependent on luck, others on the skill, and the rest, a healthy mix of both. Slots played with no deposit bonus codes, for example, are casino games that are greatly dependent on luck, but for a game like a blackjack, skill comes into play. The objective of blackjack is to beat the dealer, players go about this in several ways.

Like every best online casino game, there are myths surrounding blackjack, one of them is “you are due to win after losing consecutive hands”. These myths are simply just myths, to an extent, laughable because one cannot rely solely on luck to win a casino game of blackjack. When gamblers play for real money and build their strategies around myths and wrong advice, it is only a matter of time before they leave the tables empty-handed.

Mistakes Players Make in Blackjack

There are the following mistakes in blackjack:

  • Splitting 10s
  • Playing a game with 6:5
  • Taking insurance
  • Playing at tables with shuffling machines

Splitting 10s

Players often make the mistake of splitting 10s when they find that the dealer has a weak card. This is mostly because it is an enticing opportunity to make twice as much. The aim in blackjack is to get as close to 21 as possible, and having two 10s is a good hand as opposed to whatever hand the dealer might have up. A single 10 is very amiable, but a hard total of 20 is even better as the dealer would need to have a 21 to win against the 20.

Playing a Game With 6:5

Players often get confused with the two (6:5 and 3:2). They assume that the 6:5 ratio offers them a better payout, but in reality, this is what is called a sucker’s bet. This is because the house edge on a 3:2 table is approximately 0.5%, but it shoots up to a whopping 2% with a 6:5 table. Do not get confused with the higher number ratio in this case. The difference between the two might not seem much, and it is very easy to get sucked into playing at 6:5 tables, but you should always avoid them.

Taking Insurance

Away from the casino world, insurance is known to be a good thing, like token crypto, a soft mattress to fall back on. Insurance in blackjack is a side bet. Usually, half the original bet amount is offered to a player when the dealer’s up card is an ace as insurance against the dealer getting a blackjack.

At first glance, insurance can seem like a great strategy, particularly if the dealer’s up card is an ace, but in the long run, it is a losing strategy that should be avoided as much as possible. To top it off, the house edge is above 7% in blackjack insurance, just another reason to keep away.

Playing at Tables with Shuffling Machines

A continuous shuffling machine (CSM) automatically shuffles the cards and speeds up the game. This seems like very helpful equipment, but in actuality, it ups your losing potential. CSMs speed up play by about 20%. This easily means that the amount of hands in each game is significantly increased, effectively leaving you more exposed to the house edge.

Basic Blackjack Strategy

Each decision made while playing blackjack determines the outcome of the game. It has a direct influence on whether you make profits or run into losses. The single aim of blackjack is to beat the dealer, and while this might seem quite simple on a superficial level, underneath, it is riddled with complexities.

If you are a newbie, blackjack might not come very easy to you, but the basic blackjack strategy can serve as a guide and save you from overexerting yourself while you play. It also gives you a great chance to learn while you play. The basic strategy of blackjack predicts possible combinations and provides you with strategies to use to put the odds in your favor.

  • Stand when your hand is between 12 and 16 with the dealer having a hand between 2 and 6;
  • Split aces and 8s;
  • Hit when the dealer has 7-Ace, and you have 12-16;
  • Hit or double Aces-6;
  • Double 11 when the dealer’s hand is between 2 and 10.

How to Memorise Basic Blackjack Strategy

Memorizing the basic blackjack strategy is a great way to keep you in tune with the casino game and ensure that you avoid certain mistakes. To memorize, you need to study it as much time as possible, and flashcards are a very effective way to do this. You could carry them around with you and whip them out whenever you need to learn a strategy. Alternatively, you could always use charts. The blackjack strategy chart makes all the rules very easy to see and pinpoint even while you play.

When to Surrender in Blackjack

If things aren’t going your way, it is probably time to surrender. Surrender affords the player the opportunity to give up their hand, effectively forfeiting half of their original bet to the dealer. To indicate an intention to surrender, players swipe a finger behind their bet.

There are two types of surrender, namely early and late surrender. In early surrender, players surrender before the dealer turns their cards. Few dollar deposit casinos offer early surrender, but it is a great option for players as it reduces the house edge on the casino game. Late surrender is more popular, and for this option, players surrender only after the dealer has turned their cards.

There is no specific time set for surrender in blackjack, but players should surrender when the odds are clearly against them. This way, they can recover half of their bets.

Final Thoughts

Do not be fooled into believing that blackjack is a team sport, as this is clearly not the case. Even on a table filled with players, the game is still just between a player and the dealer. Try not to let other players’ strategies throw you off your game, as you are not in competition with any of them. If you are new to blackjack, do not be shy. Tell the dealer it is your first time.

A good dealer would guide you through the workings of the casino game and would be available for any questions you might have regarding the game, but they would not place your bets for you. There is no guaranteed way to win blackjack, but if you stick to the right strategies and get rid of myths and bad advice, the odds will be in your favor.

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