The Best Movies About American Football

The Best Movies About American Football

It is no secret that sports movies are some of the most popular films in the world. And while there are many reasons why this might be the case, one of the most likely explanations has to do with the fact that they tend to be highly inspirational.

After all, sports movies are usually about underdogs who, against all odds, manage to achieve great things. They teach us that anything is possible if we set our minds to it and work hard enough.

Also, sports movies are also rather interesting. Especially NFL films. If you love American football and love researching the best NFL odds then you will definitely enjoy NFL movies. They are packed with action and suspense, which is something that always manages to capture our attention.

Today, we are going to discuss some of the best movies about American football you can watch today.

We Are Marshall (2006)

We Are Marshall is a 2006 American historical drama film directed by McG. It stars Matthew McConaughey as Jack Lengyel, the new head coach of the Marshall University football team, which was decimated by a plane crash that killed most of its players and staff. The film also features David Strathairn, Matthew Fox, Ian McShane, Brian Geraghty, Anthony Mackie, and January Jones.

The film was released on December 12, 2006, in the United States to generally positive reviews from critics.

Varsity Blues (1999)

Varsity Blues is a 1999 American teen sports drama film directed by Brian Robbins. The film stars James Van Der Beek as quarterback Lance Harbor, with Paul Walker, Amy Smart, Ron Lester, Scott Caan, and Ali Larter also appearing in supporting roles.

Lance Harbor is the backup quarterback for the West Canaan Coyotes who gets his chance after the starting quarterback Jonathan Moxon suffers a season-ending injury. Lance finds himself in a situation where he needs to be the leader.

The film was released on January 15, 1999. It received mixed reviews from critics but was a box-office success.

American Underdog: The Kurt Warner Story (2021)

It is safe to say that this film may not be as popular as some of the movies and TV shows today. The movie is based on the true story of NFL quarterback Kurt Warner. It chronicles his journey from being a grocery store clerk to becoming a Super Bowl MVP and managing to get into the Hall of Fame. If you love NFL and you are willing to see what it takes for a player to have a career like this, then this is definitely a film for you.

The films we discussed today will show you the beautiful world of American football.

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