When the Shirt Cut Meme Made a Comeback in 2022, We Broke It Down and Explained the Phenomenon.

The internet is still buzzing with memes like “girl disaster,” “distracted lover,” and “lady yelling at Kat.”

Once again, Shirt Cut memes are trending on Twitter this week. They first appeared in 2012 and have since gained widespread attention, but what exactly are they?

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A meme-cut shirt is what?


When a character is depicted in five distinct outfits, all of which reveal the upper body in some fashion, it is called a shirt-cut meme.

The first picture is labeled “sideboob,” leading to “inside sideboob,” “boob window,” “under boob,” and “free space,” respectively.

Each participant is tasked with drawing or fabricating a sassy character in five distinct stances, one for each of the five labels. You’re free to draw whatever you like in the blank space provided, but most users stick to the provocative theme.

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The First Meme: The History of the Internet’s Most Famous Virus

According to Know Your Meme, the five-panel structure became popular in June 2021 after a Twitter user going by the handle @druzsea uploaded it. The tweet gained nearly 15,000 likes because it was blank and could be filled up by anyone using an image from the internet.

In the weeks that followed, many others used the outline as a jumping-off point for their own stories, and its popularity grew steadily. To fill the containers, some people produced non-explicit variants, while others came up with bawdy characters.

The trend persisted on Twitter for the rest of 2021 and appears to have reemerged in 2022, particularly on TikTok. Over 42.1 million people have seen videos tagged with #shirtcutmeme, and that number grows every day.

This Nathaniel B meme is about to explode.

At present, the Nathaniel B trend may be another internet-wide phenomenon. The video shows a child named Prince Maj remarking to another boy, “That s*** was trash,” has now gone viral and become a cultural phenomenon.

Putting up with me will be impossible for you. Oh, wait a minute, aren’t you Nathaniel B? The high school boys in this video are engaged in a freestyle rap battle throughout the entirety of the video. Then he brings up Nathaniel, the younger brother of his opponent.

Rather than the potentially cumbersome moniker Nathaniel’s brother, he went for the more succinct Nathaniel B. His popular rhyme has his brother as the “B,” and a video of him performing it at his high school soccer club has gone viral.

People can’t go about their day without hearing someone say, “ain’t you Nathaniel B?” or commenting on someone else’s obsession with witty one-liners.

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In reality, the meme has been around for some time.


In reality, the picture that started the meme wasn’t taken at a festival at all and has been circulating online since 2019. Know Your Meme claims that a user named “MemesNutricion” first used the image to create a meme in a tweet in February of this year.

The meme was created in Spanish to give the impression that the girl is warning the lad about using fad diets. Almost immediately, it was reposted and rewritten in Spanish to become a persistent meme in that language.

It was not until this week, on August 15th, that the meme made a comeback, this time with subtitles written in English. Twitter user @BaldPrivilege is credited with reviving the astrology meme after it was developed by an anonymous user and reposted by the latter.

People started using caps lock to write their captions, which typically began with “so basically” or “the thing is,” and the meme quickly went viral on Twitter.

You get the impression when reading them that you’re being lectured by a drunk club girl whose explanation doesn’t add up.

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