Eel-Girl: Film Was Discovered As TIK The ‘not To Google’ Fad On TOK Wins Big

Strange Horror Short ‘eel Girl’ Functions as A Bleaker Counterpart to The Film ‘The Shape of Water,’ a Love Fairytale. From His First Film Cronos Through His Later Works Like Pan’s Labyrinth and Even Hellboy, Nearly All of Guillermo Del Toro’s Work Portrays Monsters in A Humane Manner.

The Director’s Childhood Hopes that The Gill-Man Creature and The Movie’s Main Heroine Would End up Together Inspired Him to Give the Creature from The Black Lagoon a New Spin.

Because of This, We Have The Shape of Water, a Film About a Mute Janitor Who Helps Care for A Humanoid Amphibian Monster in A Laboratory.

Whereas Most Films with Such a Setting Would Likely See the Monster Escape and Begin Killing People, Del Toro’s The Shape of Water Instead Explores a Surprisingly Sweet Romance Between the Two, and Even Gives Them the Conclusion He Yearned for When Watching Creature From The Black Lagoon.

The Shape of Water Was One of The Most Critically Acclaimed Films of 2017, and It’s Simple to See How It Could Have Been a Disaster if The Director Had Made Any Mistakes in His Execution of The Premise.

To Return to The Notion that Del Toro’s Film May Be a Creature Picture, Eel Girl, Released in 2008, Is the Antithesis of Shape of Water’s Heartfelt Romance. Paul Campion Wrote and Directed the Terrifying Short Film Eel Girl.

The Protagonist, a Scientist Who Has Fallen in Love with The Titular Creature, Breaks Rules to Meet Her in A Top-Secret Navy Facility.

The Plot Is Similar to That of The Shape of Water, the First Science Fiction Film to Win the Academy Award for Best Picture, but The Conclusion Is Significantly Different.

Explaining the ‘not to Google’ Movement on Tiktok


Several Users on The Video-Sharing Platform Tik Tok have Launched a Fad About Inappropriate Online Searches. the Videos Typically Have an Image as The Background and The Caption “Things You Should Never Google.”

Some of The Items on The List May Be Disturbing to Some Readers, Such as A Viral Movie from An Unknown Source or Old Photos from A Story that Has Recently Gained New Attention.

The Movie Eel Girl, as well as Any Clips or Screenshots from It, Is Something That Many People Have Cautioned Against Researching.

Users Have Solely Uploaded Clips Asking People Not to Seek up The Movie on Tik Tok, so Far as We Can Tell. Warning: The Videos Below May Be Disturbing to Those with Weak Stomachs.

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Inquiring Minds Want to Know: What Is the Eel Girl Movie?

The Short Horror Film “eel Girl,” Was Directed by Paul Campion and Released in 2008. the Film Depicts a Researcher Who Locks Himself Away in A Secret Military Lab with A Strange Creature that Is Half Eel and Half Human.

The Film, Which Features a Warning that It Contains “adult Content,” Has Won Multiple Prizes, Including the Best Short Film at The Hp Lovecraft Festival and Outstanding Special Effects at The Rhode Island International Horror Film Festival in 2008.

In 2008, Eel Girl Was Nominated for A Number of Awards and Festivals, Including the New Zealand Film and Television Awards and The Rushes Soho Shorts Festival. Therefore, It’s Not a Complete Failure. Is It Too Terrifying to Be Posted Online?

Customers React to The Fad

Many Commenters Agreed that While Eel Girl May Be Unsettling to Some, They Felt There Were Far More Terrifying Topics to Avoid Researching.

Include Genuine Scary Topics in The “do Not Google” Section. a Viewer Commented, “(eel Girl) Is Literally Not Terrifying,” on The Aforementioned Tik Tok Video.

According to Another Commenter, “it Was Simply a Girl that Looks Like a Fish, Not so Scary.” It Was Then Clarified by Another Audience Member that The Movie Was “just a Horror Flick” and Not Terrifying at All.

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View the Clip Here


Weta Workshop Created the Creature Makeup for The Short in Which Julia Rose Starred as Eel Girl (the Lord of The Rings). the Movie Also Parodies the Siren Myth by Having the Doomed Scientist Get Seduced Into Eel Girl’s Chamber.

In Keeping with Parallels to The Shape of Water, Eel Girl Conveys a Considerably More Frightening Mood and Plays Things for Dark Comedy than Del Toro’s Film.

This Is Most Clear in The Closing Scene of Eel Girl when The Scientist Leans in For a Kiss and Gets Much More than He Bargained For.

if You Wanted The Shape of Water and Its Creature Origin to Be a Little More Horror-Focused, Eel Girl Demonstrates What that Version Could Have Looked Like; the Entire Film Reads Like a Joke Leading up To a Blackly Hilarious Punchline.

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