Bones and All Release Date

Bones and All Release Date: Is This Series Coming in 2022!

Timothée Chalamet, who is widely considered one of the best young performers in Hollywood, has a new film titled Bones and All set for release in the fall of 2022.

Chalamet and director Luca Guadagnino already collaborated on the 2017 film Call Me by Your Name, so this will be their second time working together.

Among the many accolades bestowed upon Call Me by Your Name in 2017 was an Academy Award nod for Best Picture and a nod for Chalamet in the Best Actor category (the movie won an Oscar for Best Adapted Screenplay).

In the intervening five years, Bones and All has established itself as a serious prize candidate. Here is the complete canonical knowledge base for Bones and All.

Who are the cast members of Bones and All?

Bones and All Release Date

Despite the fact that Timothée Chalamet is the film’s main attraction, he is joined by a strong supporting cast in Bones and All.

Maren is played by Taylor Russell in the first episode. Russell has established herself as a rising celebrity in her own right, having starred in the critically lauded films Escape Room and its sequel Escape Room:

Tournament of Champions, as well as the critically panned film Waves. She has starred in the TV shows “Lost in Space” and “Falling Skies.”

Michael Stuhlbarg, who also appeared in Call Me by Your Name, is a supporting player in Bones and All. In addition to David Gordon-Green (Halloween Ends), the cast also features Mark Rylance (Bridge of Spies), Chlo Sevigny (The Girl from Plainville), André Holland (Moonlight), Jessica Harper (The Old Man), Jake Horowitz (The Vast of Night), and others.

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When can we expect to see Bones and All in theatres?

The US release date for “Bones and All” is set for November 23. At this moment, we don’t have a verified release date for anywhere outside of the United States.

Bones and All will have its international premiere at the Venice International Film Festival from August 30 to September 10, before it is released in theatres nationwide in November.

Why do we need to know about Bones and All?

Only the official synopsis is available at this time, but it sounds like a cross between Romeo and Juliet and Raw, the recent Cannes winner directed by Julia Ducournau, and True Romance.

Everything about this is like Guadagnino, whose most recent fiction movie was the three-hour, blood-soaked reworking of the 1970s Giallo Suspiria.

According to the synopsis, Bones and All is “a story of first love between Maren (Russell), a young woman learning how to survive on the margins of society, and Lee (Chalamet).

An intense and disenfranchised drifter, as they meet and join together for a thousand-mile odyssey which takes them through the back roads, hidden passages, and trap doors of Ronald Reagan’s America.”

This actually seems quite cozy, despite the fact that it is set during the current era of the Cold War. The twist, as the title suggests, is that cannibalism plays a role (thus the presence of bones).

According to the summary, things will end tragically: But in the end, no matter how much they try to avoid it, they’ll have to face the horrible events of their pasts and decide if their love can endure their differences.

The film is based on a novel by Camille DeAngelis, and the back cover blurb provides some further context.

Russell plays Maren, a girl who “doesn’t just break hearts, she devours them,” thus the film should be a romantic coming-of-age story if screenwriter David Kajganich has stayed true to the source material. (Now I see the cannibalistic references.)

“fronted with a universe of fellow eaters, potential foes, and the prospect of love, Maren realizes she isn’t simply seeking for her father, she’s looking for herself,” the author writes of her journey to discover her absent father. Gnarly.

Is it true that this film features a group of young people who eat each other?

Bones and All Release Date

Yes. What follows is a tale of (cannibalistic) love. This isn’t your typical first taste of longing that’s bittersweet and peach-flavored and takes place in the Italian countryside mansions of the wealthy.

Based on the novel by Camille DeAngelis of the same name, Bones and All tells the story of two young nomads who fall in love despite the fact that they are shunned by society for their penchant for eating human flesh.

It follows in the great American road movie tradition, with its protagonists traversing the length of Reagan’s America on foot in order to escape their “terrifying” (logline’s word) pasts. Guadagnino’s longtime writing partner David Kajganich returns for the script.

Later, when asked by Deadline about the possibly disturbing components, he responded, “With Bones and All, I wasn’t interested at all in the shock value, which I loathe.” I was curious about them. I greatly appreciated their internal moral conflict.

It made sense to me why they were suffering. As for me, I have no intention of passing judgment. If you’re actually fighting cannibals and not just using them for scares, then sure, go ahead and make a movie about them.

Guadagnino noted in an interview that he is “drawn toward and touched by” the marginalized. The impossibility they’re up against intrigues me because I want to know what they can achieve.

For me, watching the film has been a form of reflection on who I am and how I might learn to cope with difficult emotions, especially those I have no power over. And most importantly, when will I be able to recognize myself in the eyes of another?

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Bones and All Trailer


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