E2pdf Apk Download: Android App for SMS Backup Contact True Caller Wish Data Recover

E2pdf Apk Download

Everything from your contacts to your call records to your text messages can now be backed up in XML or pdf format.

You can then save these files to any cloud location (Google Drive/Dropbox/etc.), email, or wherever you wish. This capability is available for SMS, phone logs, contacts, and statistics, and can be used in conjunction with the PDF backup option.

1- SMS Backup & Restore/ Favorite SMS Backup into PDF
GOOGLE CONTACTS Backup/ Export Contact

A comprehensive tool for making and recovering backups and restores
Whether it was for work, business, or pleasure, you can now have a copy of every text message you’ve ever exchanged.

It’s as simple as picking the conversation you wish to record. There is a prompt for an output file name after the discussion is displayed on your screen. An XML or PDF backup can be generated in a matter of seconds, all it takes is a single click.

After that, you’ll be able to save or email the newly created backup file. Instant sharing and storage in any cloud location are other options. On the other hand, you’ll be able to create a copy of all of your call logs, including those that you’ve dialed, received, or otherwise missed.

The Truecaller Specific Contact backup function allows you to rapidly back up all of your call logs and conversation details for a specific person. You’ll also receive daily statistics about your phone calls and SMSes. Most e-readers can read the files created by this application.

Included in this list are Adobe Acrobat (PDF), Nitro (PDF), Xodo PDF Reader (PDF), Sumatra (PDF Reader), Preview (PDF Viewer), Foxit (PDF Viewer), and many more In addition to email, the file can be distributed by WhatsApp, Wi-Fi-direct, and Bluetooth.

About E2pdf Apk Information

E2pdf Apk Download

To produce and manage PDF files on your Android device, use E2PDF, a free app. All of your text messages, including those from contacts you’ve stored in your phone’s contact list, can be backed up with this software.

In only a few seconds, you may make a copy of all of your text messages on your phone using this software. This includes any talks you’ve had with people or numbers that have been saved to your phone contact list.

The discussions you’ve saved to your Android device can be safely backed up and left there. To put them to use, you can send them as text messages within the original app or to other apps that support sending text messages.

In addition, the procedure of establishing a backup is simple and takes just a few seconds. Day Dreamer LLC developed the E2PDF – Backup Restore SMS,Call,Contact,TrueCaller. It’s compatible with Android-powered mobile devices as well as tablets.

More than five million users use E2PDF, a productivity software. E2PDF Productivity has received an average of 4.4-star ratings from users. Backup and restore SMS, Call, Contact, and TrueCaller App data with E2PDF – Backup Restore.

Updated on our website as of 2019.08.2020. Android 4.4 or higher is required to run this app.

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Prevention Is Better than Cure

Backup Contacts through SMS with E2PDF With so many work-related, business-related, or personal text and phone conversations on your phone—both personal and professional—you can’t risk losing them if you don’t have TrueCallerWish Backup.

Using this simple software, you may save, share, or recover any of the most important conversations you make with your friends and family.

Detailed Information About the E2 Pdf Apk

E2pdf Apk Download

We now have XML or PDF backups of nearly everything (e.g. contact information and details of a specific contact), as well as the ability to save these files in any cloud location (Google Drive/DropBox, etc.).

Backup and restore options for SMS and Call logs, as well as PDF backups for SMS, calls, Contacts, and statistics, are all readily available on this platform.

To ensure that you never again lose an important text message exchange with a close friend or family member, try E2PDF, a simple but efficient program. Restoring them or generating a PDF backup are two options available to you.

A PDF backup of the full conversation will appear on your screen as soon as you select a conversation. Once you’ve entered a name for the backup file, all it takes is a single mouse click to generate it. In the end, you can utilize E2PDF to create a PDF version of your documents.

  • For a little fun, you can take a copy of your friend’s text messages.
  • Family and loved ones’ SMS backup.
  • In addition, you’ll be able to keep a record of your business conversations via text message.
  • Google Play’s Software Store has no better app than this one in the category of entertainment. As a result of its well-liked features and pleasant user experience, this program quickly becomes a hit after its initial release.
  • When a user needs to restore their call logs from another device, the Call Log Backup & Restore option is available. The backup can be viewed because it is saved in XML format.
  • Any contact can be selected to receive a PDF of their Call Log and a complete SMS discussion. In order to take a call or SMS backup of a specific contact, Truecaller’s Specific Contact Backup tool comes in handy.
  • You may track the number of calls made, received, missed, and refused using Call Statistics on a daily basis. Also included in the report is a breakdown of the overall time spent on hold over the selected time frame.
  • Contact names, phone numbers, and email addresses can now be saved as backups.


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