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WWE’s Roman Reigns Is Back from Leukaemia with A Plan!

Roman Reigns is a household name in the wrestling community, recognized by every single fan and professional in the business. He is carrying the complete history of The Samoan Wrestling Family, which his name is affiliated with.

Although he is a paragon of bravery and power, The Tribal Chief suffered greatly throughout his fight against leukemia. When he was 22 years old, he was given the same diagnosis, but by the time he debuted in WWE, he had supposedly conquered it.

His fight against leukemia, though, was not yet over. Roman Reigns gave a heartfelt promo on WWE Raw on October 22, 2018. His white blood cell count had increased, he said, and he needed to take a sabbatical from the ring to fight leukemia once more.

What is the status of Roman Reigns’ leukemia?

What is the status of Roman Reigns' leukemia?

Roman often does not talk openly about his cancer treatment. Unless he’s making a formal statement, he stays silent on the subject. Fortunately, he reported that his cancer had gone into remission in his most recent update.

On the February 11, 2019, episode of Monday Night Raw, he announced his comeback to professional wrestling. He told the gathering, “The good news is, I’m in remission, y’all.” So, to sum up: “The Big Dog has returned!”

This happened some years ago, but Roman still hasn’t addressed the public regarding whether or not his leukemia has returned. His Instagram is loaded with fight photos. That means he probably doesn’t have cancer right now.

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This remarkable physical transformation by Roman Reigns

Roman’s fight against Leukemia, which he was diagnosed with in October 2018, was the greatest challenge he faced throughout his tenure with WWE. Roman was the Universal Champion at the time, but he had to give up the title so he could seek treatment for cancer a second time.

During the Raw segment, Roman used the alias Joe Anoa’i to tell the audience that he had been diagnosed with cancer and would have to leave for treatment.

See below for one of the most heartfelt and genuine sequences in wrestling history, which took place when Roman returned to WWE in February of the following year to announce that his cancer was in remission.

Roman Reigns took time off in 2018 because of his leukaemia treatment.

Arya’s dad tweeted the photo from his account and tagged Roman Reigns, but it was The Big Dog’s response that really got the attention of wrestling fans across the world. About 13 years ago, Reigns was diagnosed with leukaemia.

On an October 2018 broadcast of WWE RAW, he revealed that his illness has resurfaced, prompting him to announce a hiatus from the company. Roman Reigns returned to WWE in February of last year after announcing that his cancer was in remission.

As Reigns put it in February 2019 on RAW, “I’m probably going to say this a lot, but thank you. I’ve been thinking about you guys a lot.

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WWE Champion Bobby Lashley Faces Off Against Drew McIntyre After Beating King Corbin

Roman Reigns, who has battled cancer himself, has a long history of volunteering to assist others deal with the sickness. Reportedly more concerned with his health and fitness after beating cancer, Roman Reigns has been a model of positivity for his fans.

Roman Reigns, a major name in WWE, took a lot of heat for skipping WrestleMania 36. With no spectators in sight, WWE put on the show, but The Big Dog had to quit his Universal Championship match against Goldberg due to health concerns. Later, Braun Strowman was brought in to take Roman Reigns’ position.

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