love island usa season 2 who is still together

Who ends up together in season 2 of Love Island USA?

Season 2 of Love Island USA is officially streaming on Netflix, and everyone is watching it. You may be curious if any of the top four couples from Season 2 are still together in the year 2023 after you complete watching the entire series. We will always be here to take care of you.

One of the top dating reality shows is Love Island USA. A fifth season is now in production after the previous four have already been released. CBS broadcast the first three seasons, then Peacock took it up for seasons four and five.

The second season of Love Island USA aired on CBS 2020 from August 2020 to September 2020. The second season, like the first, featured a group of competitors who were taken to a beautiful villa in the hopes that they would find love and, perhaps, win a substantial sum of money.

The top duo of the dating program will get a $100,000 reward and be announced in the final episode. To what extent, then, do any of the show’s top four couples still have romantic partnerships in the year 2023? Learn more about it below

Caleb Corprew & Justine Ndiba

Caleb Corprew & Justine Ndiba

After Justine and Caleb became together on Day 12 of the Las Vegas-based season, they were widely regarded as the show’s power couple, with many fans and villa residents believing their love would last forever.

The strategy got them to the final, where they won the main prize of $100,000, but it didn’t hold up once the show was over. After announcing their split, Caleb revealed in a video that they had already been living apart for some time.

They are now exploiting their newfound prominence to further their professions. They both moved to the island to pursue lucrative jobs as models and use Instagram to promote the different businesses they’ve worked with.

After revealing her amorous side on “Love Island,” Justine put her athletic abilities to the test in the first season of “The Challenge: USA,” finishing in third place.

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Cely Vasquez and Johnny Middlebrooks

They started dating on Day 2 of Season 2 of “Love Island USA,” and they stayed together until the very end. They had a strong friendship, but in the end, they came in second place behind Justine and Caleb.

The couple’s announcement of their amicable breakup came just a few short months after the series finale. However, that was not the end of their reality show careers. On “The Challenge: USA,” both Cely and Justine made appearances.

Meanwhile, Johnny was featured on the CBS show “The Challenge: Ride Or Die.” He had previously been featured on the “Jersey Shore” prequel series “All-Star Shore,” which similarly gathers prominent people from different reality shows in a villa.

The two of them are working professionals when they’re not in front of the camera. Johnny wants to be an actor, while Cely is working to spread the word about her music.

Where does Justine Ndiba’s relationship status stand with Caleb Corprew?

Where does Justine Ndiba's relationship status stand with Caleb Corprew?

Despite her bad start in the villa, fans quickly grew engrossed in Justine, a native of the Congo, and her search for love. Her luck changed when the new kid at school, Caleb, arrived.

After winning the big prize of $100,000, Justine and Caleb went on to maintain a long-distance romance and frequently posted videos of their adorable date nights on their combined YouTube channel.

However, only four months after the September 2020 conclusion, the pair would announce their separation in January 2021.

In a now-deleted Instagram post, Justine explained that she and Caleb had broken up and apologized to their fans for the news. It’s been really difficult for me, so please understand that I need some space and time to grieve and recover.

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