are jake and april still together

Are ‘The Ultimatum’s’ April and Jake Still Together? Details!

This week saw the release of the Netflix reunion episode for The Ultimatum, and it revealed a lot about the status of the six couples. According to Women’s Health’s sources, production on the show wrapped up in May 2021, making it slightly simpler to see how the couples are doing now.

The relationship between Jake Cunningham, 26, and April Marie, 23, has left many curious fans wanting more information.

They were on the show because, after two years of dating, April gave Jake an ultimatum: marry her or break up with her. As the trailer suggests, tensions begin to rise between the two despite the fact that they arrived seemingly in love and ready to work on their relationship.

Here’s all we know about Jake and April, including their relationship status as of right now and what they’ve told Women’s Health.

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Explain who April Marie and Jake Cunningham are.

When we first meet them, April has already given Jake the final warning. Army and Marine Corps veteran Jake says he wants to build up his savings first before settling down. Furthermore, he is resentful that he was invited to The Ultimatum. Meanwhile, April hopes that being a mother would help them overcome their problems.

Can you fill us in on the drama?

Can you fill us in on the drama?

After meeting Rae Williams during the “dating” phase of The Ultimatum, during which couples spend a week getting to know each other, Jake and Rae Williams decide to participate in the trial marriage phase of the show together.

April makes some connections of her own, but when she and Colby Kissinger are the only ones left without a trial-marriage partner, the two are paired automatically. Over the course of the episode, April and Colby develop a sweet connection and even share a kiss (spoiler alert!).

However, the chemistry and romantic sentiments between Jake and Rae were far greater and the source of much turmoil.

As the season finale approaches, it is still uncertain what will happen; April has made no secret of her desire to marry Jake, but he seems torn between proposing to April, leaving with Rae, and forgetting both April and Rae.

Could it Be That April Is Over Jake Now?

Nothing April Marie wants ever goes unsatisfied. She wants a ring so badly she can taste it. On the April 13 reunion episode, “Firecracker” from “The Ultimatum” revealed the identity of her new boyfriend.

On the show, the 23-year-old said she and her “older” boyfriend in Austin, Texas are in a “serious” and “healthy” relationship and that she had moved in with him.

As April put it in jest to E! News, “when I was supposed to have my hot-girl winter, he disrupted it and we’ve been dating for six months.” Cody Cooper, a real estate agent and vape shop owner from Texas, is her new man.

The 30-year-old businessman has been working on another brand called RobWOODCOX, which is described as “Men’s Luxury Underwear,” according to his Instagram bio. On April 14th, April shared their love story on Instagram, writing, “The uniqueness of YOU is appreciated.”

I want to express my gratitude to the greatest man, boyfriend, partner, and best friend in the entire universe. So many things about you make me admire and love you.

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