Chris Appleton Confirms He's Dating Lukas Gage: 'Very Much in Love'

Chris Appleton, a Celebrity Hairstylist, Confirms His Relationship with Lukas Gage: ‘I’m Very Much in Love.’

Chris Appleton can’t stop talking about his new girlfriend.

The celebrity hairstylist and businessman will talk about his new relationship with Euphoria star Lukas Gage during an upcoming appearance on The Drew Barrymore Show.

In a clip for Friday’s episode of Barrymore’s show, Appleton joins the host in her set kitchen to talk about how he gives his hair energy from the inside out. Kim Kardashian and Jennifer Lopez are among the stylist’s clients, and when he makes his smoothie, he adds a secret ingredient that helps hair grow, blood flow, and libido.

Once Barrymore heard about his two-in-one ingredient, she joked, “Chris, you know I have low libido, but how’s yours these days?”

Appleton’s response is, “In fact, it’s pretty good. I’m not too bad.”

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As the host of a talk show and a good friend of Appleton’s, Barrymore then asks, “Is there anyone in your life we should know about?” This question is a hint that she wants to know more.

Appleton tells her and her viewers about his new relationship, which makes him blush a little “In fact, yes. Listen, I’m very happy. I’m very in love, and I’m thankful to be able to spend time with someone so special. Love is a very special thing, and I think that connecting with someone is also a very special thing.”

Barrymore speaks up right away, “And you are such a great person. I’m sorry, but you are like the best catch in the world… I can’t think of anyone who should be happy more than… Is there a picture of the two of you? His name is Lukas Gage, and look at you.”

Chris Appleton Confirms He's Dating Lukas Gage: 'Very Much in Love'

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Appleton yells, “Cheers to love!” and then picks up Barrymore and swings her around in a celebratory hug.

Once he puts her down, a picture of Appleton and his boyfriend on an ATV pops up on the screen “Yeah, that is Lukas. The place is Mexico.”

Last week, the couple walked the red carpet for the first time at Vanity Fair and TikTok’s young Hollywood event before the Oscars. The two showed up to the red carpet in simple, stylish outfits. Gage wore all white, and Appleton wore a sharp black suit with a white silk shirt that was only half done up.

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