90 Day: Jeymi Fears Kris's 'Not Coming Back' to Her in Colombia

’90 Day Fiance’: Jeymi Fears Kris Won’t Return to Colombia to Be with Her After Abrupt Return to Alabama

It looks like Kris and Jeymi will have to spend more time apart, which could put a strain on their relationship right away.

When Kris moved to Colombia, the two people who had only talked online got to meet for the first time in person. They planned to get married in just nine days, but a sneak peek at next week’s episode of 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way seems to show that big changes are coming.

Kris has some bad news for Jeymi to tell her. Kris said, “I might have to go back to Alabama.”

90 Day: Jeymi Fears Kris's 'Not Coming Back' to Her in Colombia

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“When did it happen?” Jeymi asked, then said through tears, “I feel like she’s not going to come back.”

We don’t find out why Kris left so quickly. Jeymi admits, though, that it could be her worst fear coming true.

In the episode that aired Sunday night, the two fought over weapons, which Kris is used to carrying at home in the United States. She took her boyfriend Jeymi to the gun shop so she could try out a few ways to protect herself. Jeymi’s eyes got big when Kris was drawn to a tactical knife.

90 Day: Jeymi Fears Kris's 'Not Coming Back' to Her in Colombia

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Jeymi looked at the cameras and said, “This is crazy.” “Oh, my God. She is a bad person.”

Kris was set on getting something to protect her family at home, but Jeymi didn’t agree. Kris talked about a time when someone punched Jeymi on public transportation and took her phone. But Jeymi said it only happened “once” in the five years she lived in Colombia.

The money they had to pay for rent was also a problem. Kris is paying for them to live together in Colombia, and he wanted to set their rent in a comfortable range. But before Kris moved abroad, Jeymi signed a lease for a place she loved, even though it was $100 per month more than they could afford.

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