Melissa Etheridge And Lily Tomlin Offer Natasha Lyonne "All the Encouragement" To Stop Smoking!

Melissa Etheridge And Lily Tomlin Offer Natasha Lyonne “All the Encouragement” To Stop Smoking!

Melissa Etheridge tweeted to Natasha Lyonne, “You got this,” as she and Lily Tomlin encouraged Lyonne in her efforts to quit smoking. Natasha Lyonne is supported by notable people in the industry. The 43-year-old Golden Globe nominee has received support from the likes of Melissa Etheridge and Lily Tomlin as she shares her journey to quit smoking on social media.

“Hi, Nlyonne It’s great to see that you’ve decided to finally kick the habit. With my 19 years of experience as a cancer survivor, I hope to offer you any words of hope I can “tweeted 61-year-old Melissa Etheridge. “That #PokerFace show of yours is awesome.

You are wonderful, just like #RussianDoll. You will make it through this! This is awesome!” Following this, Natasha Lyonne said: “Woowowow!! Many thanks! Holy cow!!” The Poker Face actress earlier posted a flashback photo of herself smoking and wrote, “I miss smoking a lot already.”

On Twitter, she said, “I’m not buying it, and my phone won’t stop generating videos of my past self smoking, like some sinister temptress. I’ve been smoke-free for 3 days now, so don’t even bother yelling at me.” “Tomlin, who is 83 years old, responded, “Chin up, darling,” to which Lyonne wrote, “Wow!

For what it’s worth, I’ll gladly take your support as a bonus for being smoke-free.” “After that, we’ll keep up the positive reinforcement. The world is waiting for your unique perspective and talent, so make a smart decision “Tomlin elaborated. Prior to it, in 1998’s Krippendorf’s Tribe, they shared the screen.

A former smoker, the Orange Is the New Black star declared on Monday that she has “rededicated me to a life of directing” after finally giving up cigarettes. Can I smoke yet?” she tweeted the following day. “Why hasn’t someone created a cigarette that isn’t bad for you?

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This is the way of the future, or so I thought “Lyonne chimed in with a fresh line of thinking about going cold turkey on Thursday. From her roles in programs like Poker Face and Russian Doll, for which she received a Golden Globe nomination and three Emmy nominations, Lyonne has built a reputation as a cigarette-smoking rebel.

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