Shania Twain: "Uncontrollably Fragile" Obeying Husband's Affair And Still Doesn't Talk To Ex!

Shania Twain: “Uncontrollably Fragile” Obeying Husband’s Affair And Still Doesn’t Talk To Ex!

A secret affair between Robert “Mutt” Lange and Shania Twain’s close friend Marie-Anne Thiébaud led to the breakdown of their 14-year marriage in 2008. Singer Shania Twain is speaking out about the pain she felt after her marriage ended.

In 2008, after 14 years of marriage, Shania Twain and Robert “Mutt” Lange divorced due to Lange’s extramarital romance with Twain’s close friend Marie-Anne Thiébaud. Twain, now 57 years old, pondered on her sudden divorce last month when appearing on the Armchair Expert podcast.

“I don’t think that a lot of things that happened to me since my divorce should have been so painful on me,” she remarked. “I should not have been so nave about life’s inevitable twists and turns. Perhaps I’m too quick to say, “That’s all behind me”

Shania Twain: "Uncontrollably Fragile" Obeying Husband's Affair And Still Doesn't Talk To Ex!

Almost a decade and a half later, Twain claims the aftermath is “not embarrassing.” Twain and Marie-ex-husband, Anne a former Nestlé executive named Frédéric Thiébaud, wed on New Year’s Day 2011 after bonding over their shared grief following Twain’s divorce settlement in 2010.

She disclosed to her presenter Dax Shepard that she and her current husband had little chemistry between their separate spouses. I never became very close to Fred, and we never exchanged phone numbers, Twain says. “Because of his irregular work schedule, he rarely interacted with us.

We only saw him at the occasional weekend supper because he traveled so often for his high-profile job, but otherwise, we ate our meals separately.” Further conversations occurred between Frédéric and Mutt, she said. “I didn’t get to know Fred that well because most of our interactions were him and Mutt speaking.

Shania Twain: "Uncontrollably Fragile" Obeying Husband's Affair And Still Doesn't Talk To Ex!

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Seeing how calmly and kindly he was navigating the same agony as a result was a pleasant surprise, I suppose.” Grammy-winning singer Christina Aguilera claims that Frédéric dealt with the news of the affair better than she did at the time. “He had given it so much consideration.

He didn’t approve, but he knew better than to make a big deal out of it. I felt utterly vulnerable because of it, which was bizarre because I had always assumed I was a rock-solid person. It, more than any other period of uncertainty I can recall, devastated me because I truly believe that I am secure.”

While Twain admitted that the encounter left her feeling “stupid,” having Frédéric there to share it with her made it easier to deal with. “Fred is a genius. And here we have one of the brightest individuals I know, who didn’t know either “Twain spoke on the matter.

Shania Twain: "Uncontrollably Fragile" Obeying Husband's Affair And Still Doesn't Talk To Ex!

“For the better, at least… We both were caught off guard. Too much trust was placed in me, and now I regret it. Yes, I had let my guard down.” To understand why she was so upset, the “From This Moment On” singer admitted, “I was outraged, though.

My resentment stems in large part from my early experiences of injustice when I remember thinking things like “Dude, you can do anything to me, but if you f—-ing lie, like, right to my f—-ing face? Angry, I am right now. What was said was more nuanced than simply, “Infidelity occurs.”

That wasn’t me in any way. I twirled in that for a considerable length of time. It was especially difficult to let go of the anger.” Twain added that she and Mutt, who is still with Marie-Anne, don’t talk about anything other than their kid Eja, who is now 21 years old.

Shania Twain: "Uncontrollably Fragile" Obeying Husband's Affair And Still Doesn't Talk To Ex!

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To paraphrase, “Mutt and I parent well together — for people who don’t talk to each other,” she remarked. “We can get by with only texting. As we both care so deeply for our son, we never engage in such an activity. For his sake of him, we both put our priorities first.

You won’t find any bullshit in that.” Twain ended his remarks on an ominous note, saying, “For the most part, I believe people receive their just desserts… In other words, fate has given me exactly what I deserved: the world’s most amazing man.”

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