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How Is Todd’s Mother, Nanny Faye Chrisley, Doing with Her Cancer?

Todd Chrisley broke the news to fans of Chrisley Knows Best in June that his mother, Nanny Faye, had cancer. In one episode of his podcast, Todd revealed that his mother’s disease had been known to the family for some time. However, at her choice, her family has chosen to keep her health difficulties quiet.

During Todd and Julie’s trial for tax evasion and bank fraud, the devastating news of Nanny Faye’s cancer diagnosis was revealed in the courtroom. In his podcast, Todd revealed that his mother’s health was in jeopardy because of pending legal difficulties.

So he decided to forge on and share their side of the story before it was warped by the media and headlines. Once the Chrisleys found out that Nanny Faye had bladder cancer, they kept quiet about it.

Fans of the program want to know how Nanny Faye is doing and where she is in her fight against cancer. Chrisley’s devoted audience mostly cared about one thing: finding out if Nanny Faye was still alive and well.

Modest Nanny Faye Update A cancer diagnosis and Chrisley’s health

Modest Nanny Faye Update A cancer diagnosis and Chrisley's health

As of late, Nanny Faye has been trending on Instagram. While this brief update didn’t reveal much about Nanny Faye’s disease or treatment, it did give Chrisley fans a glimpse into her well-being.

Fans of the couple know that Chase Chrisley just proposed to his girlfriend Emmy Medders. It “still doesn’t feel real,” Chase said on Instagram before gushing about his future wife. Additional photographs from his proposal were included in the post.

Nanny Faye herself made an appearance in one of the images. Given the tight relationship between Nanny Faye and Chase Chrisley, it was to be expected that she would play a pivotal role in this momentous occasion for him.

Grannie Faye was shown lovingly holding her granddaughter Emmy Medders in the picture. Many commenters expressed their envy at Emmy’s ability to embrace Nanny Faye. Nanny Faye was glowing with happiness and beauty in the snapshot.

After learning of Nanny Faye’s illness, fans of the Chrisley clan were relieved to see her prospering in a recent photo.

Take a look at the picture below:

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The two were in a relationship.

The two were in a relationship.

Faye Chrisley is very proud of her son, Todd Chrisley. Before taping a Mother’s Day episode of “The Steve Harvey Show,” she commented, “I imagined he’d be something amazing.” Even in 2022, after a lot of time has passed, Todd still has a lot of respect for his mom.

I am so lucky to have you in my life every day, you have carried me through every storm,” he said as part of an Instagram tribute. Over the years, the son has become more of a father to his parents.

In Season 4’s “Hawaii Love You So,” Faye may have jumped the gun a bit in her enthusiasm to experience island living. According to People, she tried to persuade Todd that her drinking hadn’t affected her, but he wasn’t buying it.

“I’ve just had a couple of shots. A few cheers to that! My drinking was little, “exclaimed Faye. When her father expressed anxiety, Savannah said, “There was a trip to the stables, and we went horseback riding. None of us expected Grandma to drink so much.”

Even though he monitors her spending, drinking, and social activities, mother and son appear to have a humorous connection. In a Season 5 confessional, she remarked, “Todd, I can’t understand why you don’t want me to have pleasure, since I have earned it.”

Responding, he said “Listen, Mom, I only want you to enjoy yourselves. I don’t want you to enjoy yourself too much while inebriated.” “That seems like a lot of fun,” she said.

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