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Who Was Brandon Smiley, the Son of Comedian Rickey Smiley?

In a heartfelt post on Sunday, comedian Rickey Smiley revealed the death of his eldest son, Brandon Smiley. As soon as Smiley heard the news on Sunday morning, he sent a short video on Instagram and YouTube saying, “to rush to the airport to get to Birmingham.”

Despite being from Birmingham himself, Smiley avoided discussing the circumstances behind his son’s passing. Please pray for my family and me. The death of my son Brandon Smiley occurred this morning. At this very moment, I am attempting to board a plane and head to Birmingham.

He prayed, “Jesus, have compassion on me. He pleaded for prayer on behalf of Brandon’s mother and siblings.

I’m sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but I’d rather you had this from me than from the gossip mongers on the streets, he remarked. Smiley continued, “I simply don’t know what to do, I can’t think,” before bringing up his father’s death.

He explained his grandfather’s emotions, saying, “Now I realize what he went through and why he felt the way he felt.” Apparently 32 years old, Brandon Smiley was a comedian and actor. In a tweet, Mayor of Birmingham Randall Woodfin expressed his deepest sympathies.

In a Twitter post, Woodfin said, “I’m saddened to learn that my buddy @RickeySmiley has lost his kid Brandon.” We owe it to Rickey, who has done so much for our community, to repay him now. Please join me in sending him and his family our love and support. Please know that you have our prayers, Rickey.

When it comes to kids, how many does Rickey Smiley have?

This 54-year-old has five kids of his own. D’Essence Elizabeth, 25, Malik Smiley, 21, Aaryn Smiley, 21, and Brandon are his biological children. Furthermore, he took in Craig Smiley as his own son.

Rickey Smiley has been somewhat tight-lipped about his ex-wife and the circumstances surrounding his divorce from his children’s mother. Rickey mentioned Brandon’s mother Brenda as he broke the news of her son’s death.

Rickey admitted to being married to Brenda for a total of 12 years during an interview with Pierre Edwards on the Panic Room podcast. Asked if his wife had cheated on him, he said no but added that he was “a different sort of person.”

There has been a tragedy in Rickey’s family before. In July 2020, Aaryn, his daughter, was shot and killed in Houston, Texas. With her partner in tow, she was headed to a restaurant when an attacker started a fire.

Aaryn posted on social media after the incident:

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It is now known that his daughter fully recovered from her wounds.

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When did Brandon pass away and what brought about his demise?

When did Brandon pass away and what brought about his demise?

Rickey, a well-known radio host, announced his son’s death on Twitter. Rickey posted a video on Instagram in which he said, “I simply have awful news this morning. Brandon Smiley, my son, went away this morning.”

His whole statement read as follows: “Pray for my son’s mother, and my son’s brothers, pray for my son and my daughter, everybody that was raised with Brandon.” A reason for Brandon’s passing has not been disclosed.

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