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How Joyce Meyer Faced Breast Cancer and What Other Things She Faced.

A terminal illness can leave you feeling helpless and wondering, “Why me?” Cancer is one such condition. We all know and adore Darlene Zschech and Joyce Meyer, and they both have spoken openly about their struggles with breast cancer and how they turned to God for strength.

Below is a YouTube video of Darlene on an edition of Joyce Meyer’s show “Everyday Answers.” The sermon by Joyce is intercut with the host of the show chatting to Darlene. Darlene recalls the day her doctor delivered the devastating diagnosis that she had cancer.

My father passed away at the age of 50 from cancer, and I was told I had it when I was 48. There was always that nagging doubt in the back of my mind, and it would cause me to go from seemingly unfazed to a flood of tears in an instant.

Even now, there are times when I feel completely helpless to articulate why I frequently shed tears. What it does is terrifying. Joyce Meyer then appears on stage to preach about entrusting our struggles to God. War is part of God’s plan.

Before any war, we must know God’s will for how we should fight. Though we do have weapons, they are not of the physical variety. They are, rather, of a spiritual nature.

Her results from the medical examination were surprising.

They returned, and said, “Well, intriguing stuff. Somehow, cancer on your spine seemed to have disappeared.

Just who is Joyce Meyer, anyway?

Just who is Joyce Meyer, anyway?

Meyer, Pauline Joyce, is the head of Joyce Meyer Ministries and a prominent figure in the Charismatic Christian community in the United States. Pauline Joyce Hutchison into the world on June 4, 1943.

Joyce, her husband Dave, and their four grown children all make their homes in the suburbs of St. Louis, Missouri. Located in Missouri, not far from the St. Louis suburb of Fenton, her ministry serves the local community.

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Joyce elaborates: “The Word of God is not just any word. It’s a powerful word, they say.

Joyce elaborates: "The Word of God is not just any word. It's a powerful word, they say.

Darlene says, “You know, I could do that; I just had to learn to constantly replace thoughts.” I’ve trained myself through the years to be disciplined and to “take every thought captive,” but this new level required a different approach.

I was either listening to the Word or worshipping when I was unable to read it. I don’t know how people can do this without Jesus, it’s so amazing. Twenty-five years ago, I had breast cancer,” Joyce reveals to the crowd. A very rapid expansion of the cancer was observed.

It was a little tumor, but aggressive procedures were standard back then. For this reason, I underwent emergency drastic surgery; otherwise, [my physicians] said, I would be playing Russian roulette with my life.

Joyce then elaborates on her own personal anxieties. “Therefore, it is only natural that the word ‘cancer’ strikes fear into people’s hearts. I can clearly recall the overwhelming terror I felt. Here comes that fear again, and then I’d confess the Word and feel strengthened and believe God, and then here comes that fear again.

“Roughly three in the morning. The message came to me crystal clear in my mind and heart: “I will take care of you.” I had heard that from five hundred different people, and I had told myself the same thing, but when God spoke it, it was as if my faith suddenly soared.

Joyce uses Romans 10:17 to support her claim that “faith comes through hearing,” and that “hearing” is achieved via exposure to the Word of God.

If you want to hear more of Joyce and Darlene’s thoughts on trusting God with our worries, I recommend watching the complete 30-minute episode in the linked YouTube video.

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