Does Brady Die in Virgin River Season 4: In Jack’s Shooting, Brady Was Found Guilty and Sentenced to Death for The Crime

Does Brady Die in Virgin River Season 4

We’ve all seen (read: wept our way through) the entire Netflix series by now. As a result, we’re eager to see what’s on the horizon in Northern California.

And now that the third season has ended on such a cliffhanger, fans are left wondering what will happen to their favorite imaginary town citizens.

Jack (Martin Henderson), Mel (Alexandra Breckenridge), and the entire Virgin River cast have become more than simply characters at this point—they’ve become like friends, too. Keeping up with your friends is a typical human want, right? (All you have to do is nod your head in agreement.)

Now that we’ve seen the official teaser for Virgin River Season 4, we’re closer than ever to binge-watching paradise! We’ve got all the information so far, so check it out!

 Brady Was Found Guilty and Sentenced to Death

Does Brady Die in Virgin River Season 4

It was a shock to everyone in Virgin River when Brady (played by Benjamin Hollingsworth) appeared before his girlfriend Brie (Zibby Allen) in handcuffs after being charged with the attempted murder of a friend, Jack Sheridan (Martin Henderson).

However, it appears that Preacher (Colin Lawrence) and Jack himself will be trying all they can to prove his innocence in season four of The Walking Dead. Netflix has published a new teaser to tease what’s to come in the fourth season, and it appears they have proof.

Brady and Brie’s plotline is briefly glimpsed in the promo, which focuses primarily on Mel and Jack’s paternity battle. “I need you to view something the PI [private investigator] sent,” Preacher tells Jack in the trailer.

He zooms in on a photo of Vince (Steve Bacic), Christopher’s abusive uncle, as he shows it to Jack (Chase Petriw). After his brother Wes went missing, Vince came to Virgin River in season three in search of answers (also Bacic).

Paige (Lexa Doig) had murdered him after years of torture, and Preacher was on hand to cover up the evidence. After seeing Vince’s photo, Jack responds, “Brady did not shoot me. Before the trailer switches to Brady in jail, he says, “We’ve gotta get him out of there.”

Assumed jail garb in the prison courtyard. As Brady continues reading, a convict can be seen sneaking up behind him. The guy is plainly concealing something up his top, which may be considered the first piece of evidence suggesting a fatal finish for Brady.

What if this was used to harm Brady while he’s being held against his will? Jimmy (Ian Tracey), the right-hand man of Calvin (David Cubitt), who was on the radar of law enforcement after Brady gave them up, also looks like the inmate.


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