Boogiepop Season 2 ⇒ Release Date, Cast, Plot & Updates

Boogiepop Season 2

For the last two years, fans of the series have been anticipating the release of Boogiepop Season 2. The first chapter piqued their interest since it included some incredible psychological drama with overtones of terror.

As a result, a brief run of this play was insufficient to satisfy their need. They are now clamoring for additional episodes to be shown. So, will Madhouse ever make a sequel to this fantastic show? Here are the most up-to-date details.

Bugpoppu wa Warawanai, sometimes known as Boogiepop and Others, is a Japanese horror dark fantasy anime series. It is, after all, based on Kouhei Kadono’s light novel series of the same name.

Studio Madhouse stepped up and agreed to make the anime adaptation based on the original material. On January 4, 2019, fans were treated to the debut episode. On March 29, 2018, it came to an end after 18 episodes.

Boogiepop Season 2 Release Date

One of the most popular genres among enthusiasts is psychological horror. People prefer watching thriller dramas that combine mystery and terror to create a terrifying experience. Due to its LN series, Boogiepop had a large fanbase even before the anime.

As a consequence, fans were eagerly awaiting a film adaptation, and when it finally came, they were blown away. The anime adaptation was nearly as well received by LN readers as the original literature.

As a result, they started to demand Boogiepop Season 2 almost immediately after finishing the first one, thanks to the anime-only fanbase.

However, neither the creators nor anybody engaged in the series’ production has divulged anything regarding the sequel so yet.

They’ve kept their quiet, which is distressing for supporters who don’t want to see them go on sabbatical.

Boogiepop Season 2: Will There Be A Season 2 Of Boogiepop, Really?

The anime’s first season received a great reception from its audience. It was also favorably received by critics. On MyAnimeList, the program had a 7.09 rating. Aside from that, the anime garnered a large fan following as a result of the LN series. As a result, they’re all looking forward to the sequel’s release.

The good news is that Madhouse Studio has enough material for future chapters. As a result, the chances seem to be in favor of Season 2 of Boogiepop. Fans should anticipate the second season to be renewed and the creators to satisfy their fans’ wishes this year.

If that occurs, we could be able to see some new episodes as early as the next year. As soon as the renewal is received, we will update this area.

Boogiepop Season 2: Is There Enough Content For The Makers To Follow?

As previously stated, the anime’s narrative was derived from the Bugpoppu was Warawanai light novel series. This LN was serialized for the first time in 1998. Since then, the author has written a number of novels, including main and side tales.

The anime’s first season only aired after the fourth and fifth volumes of the LN. As a result, Madhouse Studio may utilize the remaining books’ material to create Boogiepop Season 2.

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Boogiepop Season 2 Storyline

The mystical creature known as Boogiepoop is essential to the narrative of Boogiepoop. According to legend, Boogiepoop is a shinigami, a ghost who guides people to their deaths. Shinyo Academy is the setting for the program.

One of the most crucial aspects of Boogiepoop is that it only hunts down and kills female students who are at the peak of their attractiveness.

While the majority of students dread the spirit of Boogiepoop, only a handful are aware of the spirit’s actual character, which is friendly. Boogiepoop also has the alter ego Touka Miyashita, a high school student who tries to protect the planet from “enemies of the globe.”

Then, all of a sudden, Shinyo Academy begins to experience a large number of female pupils disappearing. As a result, the kids approach the police, who discount the concept of a ghost being responsible for all of the kidnappings.

Unbeknownst to them, there is a terrible ghost within the school that is responsible for all of the kidnappings, which is why Boogiepoop resolves to return to punish the entity responsibly.

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Boogiepop Season 2 Characters

Despite the fact that Boogiepop and Others contain hundreds of characters, the program only has three primary characters. We’ve included short descriptions of each of the key characters below.


Boogiepop: The show’s eponymous main protagonist, Boogiepop is a shinigami who is said to attack and murder young females at their most beautiful. Despite the fact that Boogiepop is widely considered an urban legend that instills dread in the hearts of young females, just a few people are aware of his existence.

In reality, Boogiepop is not the malicious monster that he is made up to be, but rather defends mankind and protects it from “enemies of the globe.”

When such opponents abound, Boogiepop wakes as the alter-ego of a high school girl named Touka Miyashita and manifests as the alter-ego of a high school girl named Touka Miyashita.

Boogiepop appears as a young guy with a straight expression, dressed in his distinctive black cloak and black pipe cap. Boogiepop, as an old supernatural being, talks in an archaic manner and seems to like humming Wagner’s Die Meistersinger von Nürnberg prelude.

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Touka Miyashita

Touka Miyashita: Touka is a high school student at Shinyo Academy who is a prominent character in the program. Touka, an enthusiastic girl who enjoys meeting new friends, is revealed to have a huge social circle, with many close friends and acquaintances.

While Touka may not always go out of her way to assist others, she is proven to be a nice and helpful young lady who never refuses to assist anybody who requests it. In addition, when Boogiepop wakes, he presents as Touka’s alter-ego, although few people are aware of this.

Nagi Kirima

Nagi Kirima: Nagi is the show’s last major character, and she is known as the Fire Witch, a title that makes people fear her.

Nagi has few friends and spends much of her time alone due to her own propensity to isolate herself from others and her reputation as a violent character. She does, however, have a messianic complex and is always trying to rescue the planet from whatever dangers may come.

As a consequence, whenever weird incidents are reported, Nagi is one of the first to react, and she jumps right into investigating them. She is also proven to be very strong and intelligent, which qualifies her for the different tasks she does to keep the globe safe.

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Boogiepop Season 2 Trailer

There has been no confirmation of a season renewal of the program as of yet, thus there is no new teaser or clip for fans to see.

However, viewers will soon get positive news about the show’s future. Fans of the program may watch the first season of the show and remain up to speed with the manga material until then.

Last Words

One of the most anticipated and well-liked genres is psychological horror. It is also uncommon to see programs launched in this genre, which is why when a fantastic show in this genre is released, fans go crazy. This category features shows that are typically terrifying and keep viewers on the edge of their seats.

All of these reasons contributed to the popularity of Boogiepoop, which had a large fan base even before the program debuted on television. When the concert eventually arrived, the spectators were not disappointed.

The fans had a fantastic time. The manga adaptation was flawless, and most LN fans thought the anime was nearly as wonderful as the book. This is one of the reasons why the program is in such high demand, with both anime and manga fans anxiously anticipating the second season.

The sole source of concern for viewers and fans is the fact that the show’s creators have announced nothing about a second season. They are keeping their quiet, which is helping to build anticipation for the program before it airs on television.


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