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Beelzebub Season 2 Release Date Status: Will There Ever Be a Season 2?

Beelzebub is a shonen action comedy that may appear ludicrous to some viewers.

The anime is based on Ryuhei Tamura’s manga series of the same name. It is a 28-volume series about a student attending a juvenile delinquent school. In this slapstick comedy, Oga is compelled to raise Beel, the Demon King’s son, in order to destroy humanity.

Although the Beelzebub anime had a successful run in 2011, a sequel is doubtful in the foreseeable future. There are no plans for an anime sequel to this action-packed series.

And, with the current Covid-19 epidemic exacerbating an already dire position in the anime business, getting any official information will take several years.

The show is entertaining and doesn’t take itself too seriously. When the characters begin to breach the fourth wall and make the scenario more realistic, the situation becomes comical. Gintama is one of the very few comedies like this.

The disappointing 60th episode is the issue many manga readers have with the anime. In 2011, the series adapted less than half of the finished manga into a 60-episode season. This is due to the anime catching up to the continuing manga at the time.

However, the last episode completed the series by concluding the unfinished, continuing arc with an anime-only episode.

It’s a well-written anime that doesn’t go into filler territory, but it ended before it could adapt one of the shonen manga’s greatest arcs.

The producers’ decision saddened fans, who are hoping for a Beelzebub Season 2 to make up for it. With additional action and storey twists in the future, the anime has the potential to become even funnier.

Season 1 may have set the framework for Season 2, but how long will fans have to wait for the next instalment?

Beelzebub Season 2 : When Will It Be Released? What Will It Look Like?

The production crew and the creators have made no formal statement about a Beelzebub Season 2 yet. It’s also conceivable that a sequel will never be made since there are no rumours about the series. In 2011, the series was shown on Yomiuri TV and Crunchyroll.

Crunchyroll has also been mum on the series’ future.

Season 1 finished with a special animation conclusion that took place in the middle of the continuing Akumano Academy narrative. The major reason for this is because the anime has become too similar to the manga.

The producers may either redo the whole series like Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood or make Episode 60 appear like a dream, since the anime accurately reproduced the manga till episode 59.

The studio’s animation and scheduling for the forthcoming season will still take a long time. As a result, the anticipated delivery date is 2022.

There is no shortage of source materials; around 14 volumes remain unfinished, and fans are eagerly anticipating the next arc, since the anime ends suddenly. Later in the manga, the speed improves and there is more plot material that explains some of the show’s elements.

Pierrot Plus, the studio behind The Morose Mononokean and Tokyo Ghoul, remade a Beelzebub OVA in 2010 and then animated the complete 2011 series.

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Beelzebub Season 2 Storyline

Ishiyama High is a delinquent high school, and among all of these young men, Oga Tatsumi is the most powerful. All of the students in the high school have a history of violence and lawlessness.

Even yet, no one dares to cross Oga’s path, and those who do are quickly defeated when he attacks them savagely.

On a beautiful day, Oga is sitting by the riverbank when he notices a guy floating in the water. He drags the guy to the beach, at which point he breaks in two, revealing a baby within. The infant climbs up Oga’s back and immediately bonds with him. He has no idea that the infant is truly the Demon Lord’s son.

Oga attempts to give the kid to someone else at first. According to one idea, if he can locate someone more nasty and powerful than himself, the infant will get connected to that person.

However, in her search for someone deserving, Oga meets Hilergard, the baby’s maid. However, with all of the juveniles and demonic forces around them, parenting the kid will be far more difficult than they could have expected.
Last Words

‘Beelzebub’ Season 1 debuted on January 9, 2011 and lasted through March 25, 2012, with a total of 60 episodes published during that period. Aside from the regular season, the anime contains 16 “Special” episodes that started airing on June 29, 2011 and ended on September 26, 2012.

‘Beelzebub’ is perhaps one of the most popular anime series of this decade, and many fans have been seeking a season 2 or just inquiring when it would be released since its premiere. Sadly, despite its enormous popularity, a second season is unlikely.

The fact that it had a “original” finale is the first reason why it could not get a complete new season. That is to say, whereas the first season stayed true to the original material until the 59th episode, the last episode had an entirely new finale.

This was done since the anime’s last episode was broadcast considerably before the manga’s final chapters of the arc were published.

And, although they may still go on to be one of those “anime exclusive manga adaptations,” that technique seldom works out well; consider, for example, ‘Tokyo Ghoul.’

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End Lines

Another reason for the show’s cancellation is that the manga finished shortly after the anime ended. This means that neither the creators nor the author had any plans to continue the manga or anime.

Now, I understand how terrible this news is, but you can still re-watch the anime, read the manga, or go through our list of anime comparable to ‘Beelzebub’ to find something fresh to fill your need. Until then, we can only hope for a ‘Beelzebub’ Season 2 release date, which we will almost certainly never learn about.

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