Black Lagoon Season 4 Release Date, Is It Coming For More Seasons?

Black Lagoon Season 4

Sunao Katabuchi is in charge of the project. Until now, Black Lagoon has been a popular and profitable Japanese anime series. This anime is based on Rei Hiroe’s manga series, and there have been three seasons so far.

There were 13 episodes in each of the first two seasons. Shogakukan collaborated in the development of this anime.

The tale revolves around Okajima, a rich businessman who is bored with his life owing to a lack of excitement. The first season premiered on China TV in April 2000, while the second season followed four months later in October.

The third season was finally published after a total of 11 years. This series has a larger fan base in the United Kingdom than in Japan. It’s been a long year, and there have been no updates for the fourth season, which is a bit of a letdown for fans.

Madhouse Production was in charge of the production. This studio was responsible for the creation of all three seasons. Do you realize that there are so many OVA episodes that were published between the seasons to continue and link the tale and explain it in more depth? We’ve covered the release date for Black Lagoon Season 4 as well as other news in this post.

Black Lagoon Season 4 Release Date

The first season of Rei Hiroe’s Black Lagoon began on April 9, 2006. After a four-month wait, the second season was published on October 3, 2006. After a four-year wait, the third season was published on July 17, 2010. So we can’t forecast anything for season 4 based on the release date trend. This anime’s performance was fantastic.

It was well received and garnered a large number of admirers worldwide, not only in Japan.

When it came to the aesthetics, some of the animations was not as good as it might have been and as anticipated. We can’t even begin to describe the level of fandom that this anime has amassed. People are still hoping and inquiring about season 4 release dates after an 11-year wait. Season 4 of the Black Lagoon is set to premiere towards the end of 2022.

The release date for the fourth season has not yet been confirmed. Even the creators haven’t said anything about the future season. So there’s still a possibility. Madhouse Studios has likewise been silent till recently.

We’re keeping an eye on the official website and will update this area as soon as new information becomes available.

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Black Lagoon Season 4 Storyline

This story follows the lives of a businessman named Rokurou Okajima. He became dissatisfied with his vast fortune and lack of enthusiasm in his business. The spark dies out somewhere.

Now comes the twist: he traveled to Roanapur, Thailand, and was abducted by the mafia group Black Lagoon.

The cause for his abduction was due to some past business dealings with Okajima. But, after becoming bored with his business life, Rokurou Okajima developed an interest in the underground and illegal operations and wanted to learn more. He began to delve more into his criminal past.

In 2002, the first season of Black Lagoon was released. What’s more remarkable is that there’s enough material for a fourth season renewal, and the writer has authored 11 books with over 100 episodes. In addition, the first three seasons are based on the tale of 9 p.m. As a result, the balance of the volume will be covered in the fourth season.

Black Lagoon Season 4 Characters

Rokuro Okajima / Rock, Revy, Dutch, Benny, Balalaika, Boris, Mr. Chang, Shenhua are the key characters.

Rokurpu Okajima, a rich businessman, is the protagonist of the series. He was happy in every aspect of his life, although he felt lonely at times. He lacks the joy and excitement that a normal person enjoys in their life.

He doesn’t have anything like that. Then he traveled to Thailand and was abducted by a group known as Black Lagoon, who had previously made an arrangement with Okajima and now kidnapped him in order to exact vengeance.

He was tired of his mundane corporate life and wanted to try something new, so he entered the criminal world. So all of this narrative was covered in the first three seasons.

Now, in the fourth season’s narrative, we can anticipate Okajima to be exposed to more stunts and action in this criminal realm, which is a new experience for him.

The performance in the first three seasons was outstanding. It received an 8.05 rating and a MAL rank of 135. Well, there aren’t many options for making the anime’s fourth season. However, if the creators change their ideas, we can anticipate it.

There is also a scarcity of sources since all of the remaining items were made in OVA episodes. As a result, they have low hopes for Season 4.

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Final Words

As far as the release date is concerned, there are no sources or confirmation. We’ll update this area as soon as any new information becomes available, and we’ll make an official announcement.

If you haven’t seen the previous season, it’s available on Hulu and Funimation.


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