Billy Gilman Reveals Newest Bluegrass Hit "Roller Coaster" and His "Perfect Storm" Upcoming Page!

Billy Gilman Reveals Newest Bluegrass Hit “Roller Coaster” and His “Perfect Storm” Upcoming Page!

The singer exclusively tells, “I’ve seen the darkness, and I’m so thankful to be where I am right now” before the release of his new single on Wednesday. Billy Gilman has found new life. The 12-year-old American Music Award winner and Grammy nominee’s “One Voice” shot him to popularity, and he later finished second on season 11 of NBC’s The Voice.

Currently, Gilman is preparing to release his first “streamlined project since 2006,” a bluegrass album that will feature the new hit “Roller Coaster.” “The inspiration for “Roller Coaster” originated from my desire to experience the highs and lows of a romantic relationship for myself, flaws and all. It was a tribute to my work and a reflection on my relationships “Gilman elaborates.

“We soar, we plummet, but in the end, we always manage to circle back around. Whenever I put pen to paper, I encounter a variety of contrasts.” The forthcoming album Billy Gilman is working on is “a perfect storm,” and he attributes much of its inspiration to his grandparents. He’s always had a soft spot for bluegrass music, and now people are encouraging him to follow that dream.

Billy Gilman Reveals Newest Bluegrass Hit "Roller Coaster

“On this album, you’ll hear two songs that I created over a decade ago but never released before. Suddenly I found them and thought, “This is where they should be.” “His words. This has always been a part of me, and I’m glad I was able to persuade the proper people to join me and fully believe in this.

Although he has had success in multiple genres, Gilman has said that he has struggled to identify the best direction for his music because his wishes have often conflicted with those in authority. “After he appeared on The Voice, people undoubtedly assumed he would release a power ballad album, he admits.

Well, that’s fantastic, and I certainly wouldn’t turn down the opportunity, but I’m more than just a buzz.” Gilman’s professional life has been quite an adventure. The 34-year-old has sold over five million records but isn’t afraid to talk about the struggles he’s had along the way, especially with his voice. “I share a lot of personal details with people.

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I love that my supporters know almost all there is to know about me and that there is some degree of trust because of it. Due to my background in writing and the low points, I experienced, “In other words, he’s generous. “My voice wasn’t terrific at the time, and there were pauses where it sounded much worse.”Now that he’s in a better place, Gilman is grateful for the chance to pursue his passion.

“My success would be if I could keep working and making records that I believe in and that are financially rewarding as well,” he says.”Considering I didn’t anticipate any such thing after selling five million records, I was completely unprepared. Simply put, I am happy to be alive and able to pursue my passions each day.”

Speaking of romance, Gilman is delighted about the future. Even more surprising, he admitted to being in a “fresh new relationship.” “Well, not completely brand new, but it’s novel in terms of how long partnerships can conceivably last,” he says with a wry smile.

Billy Gilman Reveals Newest Bluegrass Hit "Roller Coaster

Gilman, who officially came out in 2014, not long after Ty Herndon, had difficulty adjusting to life as a gay man in the country music industry at first. It was tough for him to make the video because, as he explained in a YouTube video, “I’m in a genre and an industry that’s ashamed of me for being me.”

He stressed that he wasn’t ashamed of being homosexual or an artist or a person. Although it was “difficult business-wise, that only lasts so long,” Gilman now says he’s glad he made it through the challenges of coming out as gay.

“No matter what you do in your private life, it won’t matter if your motivations are pure. Don’t let who you beat up your career, beat up anything because it doesn’t matter; the music will always win out in the end.” “You want to ruin someone’s good mood, do you? It’s your fault, “To which he adds. “I know there’s another firm out there that shares my optimism about this.

No problem there. This is not something I let define me. That is what I am; it does not define me.” Thinking about his grandparents, who passed away when he was 13 years old, prompts a lot of introspection for Gilman. His grandma collaborated with Gilman to choose the songs to be performed for his 21st birthday concert.

“Just sit down on a stool and sing this song that you started with — your youth people will enjoy it,” Gilman remembers his grandma encouraging him. Just over 48 hours later, she passed away. “She was extremely invested in my profession,” Gilman says of his mother. “They (my grandparents) are the people I always want to be near.

As long as I can remember, I’ve wanted them to watch The Voice. If they were here right now, I think they’d be prouder of this project. This was on my mind when I was in the studio, and there’s a track titled “You’re Still Here” that serves as a memorial to them.

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If they heard about this, they’d be so proud of the person I’ve become. I believe they would be pleased with who I have become as a man, and that is why I am more assured of myself than ever before “the man explains. I haven’t been this proud in a long time, therefore I can’t wait to tell everyone about this.

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