Greer Blitzer's "Bachelor" Castmates Asserted She Explained Her Blackface Defend "Immediately"!

Greer Blitzer’s “Bachelor” Castmates Asserted She Explained Her Blackface Defend “Immediately”!

Blitzer earlier expressed regret for using “misguided arguments” in her prior support of Blackface, claiming that she was “truly regretful” for her actions. Greer Blitzer received Zach Shallcross‘ first impression rose on The Bachelor before being eliminated, and her castmates are responding to how she handled the recent Blackface issue.

The host of Tuesday’s Women Tell All show, Jesse Palmer, raised the controversy surrounding Blitzer’s earlier social media posts in which she backed a friend who had previously posted photos of themselves in Blackface. Alyssa “Aly” Jacobs and Kylee Russell also expressed their opinions on Blitzer’s handling of her opening statement.

Greer, 24, was made to respond to inquiries regarding this topic during the program, and her fellow cast members say they support her. “As much as it is like a relationship, this is one of those things that is also almost like a social experience. I’ve been able to find a job that I love. For that reason, I didn’t check her Instagram or anything else.

Greer Blitzer's "Bachelor" Castmates Asserted She Explained Her Blackface Defend "Immediately"!

I only knew the person she brought, but she treated me with the utmost respect “Aly, 26, spoke while WTA was being filmed. “I observed her showing other girls a lot of respect. She and I really connected and got to know one another. We were cool because we have the same birthday and are from the same city.”

Aly added it “was upsetting to hear and witness the things,” Greer remarked. Greer “always faced things head-on,” though Aly “appreciated” that. “She didn’t wait for things to come out, she told us directly when we got back what it was. And I know it must have been incredibly challenging for her to have the conversation she did tonight, so I admire and appreciate her for being able to do it “She went on.

“I like and respect her for being able to admit that she has changed since seven years ago, and I hope that others would find the guts to do the same rather than covering up their mistakes. Identify the issue and then move on. Simply put, there is plenty of room for development and maturation.”

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Greer Blitzer's "Bachelor" Castmates Asserted She Explained Her Blackface Defend "Immediately"!

Said Aly “I simply believe that there is much more learning for all of us to do, and she is undoubtedly on that path. Since she isn’t the same person she is today, I have a lot of admiration for her ability to look back and say that’s a different person and not recognize them.”

The 25-year-old Kylee stated that she also thinks Greer “owned up to her actions and what she’s done.” She added, “She even took it upon herself to speak with the doctor. “I believe that it simply begins with taking the first step, which she did. That’s all we can ask, really.

Do I hope that she has changed her perspective and will be more thoughtful in the future? Absolutely. Do I know that will occur? Not necessarily, but I’m happy she made the initial move.” Greer apologized via her Instagram Stories in January, months after a Reddit user posted photos of her endorsing a teen who faced backlash for donning Blackface at a party.

Greer Blitzer's "Bachelor" Castmates Asserted She Explained Her Blackface Defend "Immediately"!

“Lessons are learned on both our growth-related journeys as well as the path to love. I’ve previously posted some uninformed, dumb, and, to be honest, incorrect statements on my social media sites “she previously stated. “In particular, I made erroneous arguments on Twitter to support a student who dressed up as Tupac for Halloween in blackface.”

Not because these screenshots have appeared again, but rather because I ever expressed these damaging beliefs, she continued, “I am profoundly sorry to anyone I have hurt, especially those within the Black community. “Time and age do not justify my behavior, but this does not represent who I am today,” the speaker said.

During Tuesday’s WTA special, Greer Blitzer went into additional detail, saying that she “forgot to emphasize” in her initial article that “what transpired was racist.” “The impact is what matters, not the intention. Also, I knew that my acquaintance’s use of Blackface was racist “medical sales representative remarked. “It was racist of me to defend it.

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Greer Blitzer's "Bachelor" Castmates Asserted She Explained Her Blackface Defend "Immediately"!

My ignorance was racist and I’m simply so ashamed. Simply said, I’m sorry if I offended the Black community.”Added her: “I can’t go back in time. All I can do is make an effort to improve both now and in the future.” Greer expressed her “so appalled” and “so humiliated” at her ignorance of the reasons why Blackface is unacceptable.

She claimed that her pals had tried to convince her that what she had done was OK. Since she “wanted to understand more” about the difficulties with her misbehavior, Greer claimed she chose to undertake the work. “I searched up lectures, really wanted to go deep into the history of Blackface and understand why it was wrong, why it’s insulting.

And after doing some study, I simply came to the conclusion that it was a metaphor for demeaning the Black community “She spoke. I want to accept responsibility for it; I don’t want to justify the bigoted behavior of that girl. Jesse later commented on how she handled this on-screen situation and said she confronted them “head-on.”

Greer Blitzer's "Bachelor" Castmates Asserted She Explained Her Blackface Defend "Immediately"!

The 44-year-old Bachelor host stated, “Look, nobody on the show condones any of those tweets that she made. Nonetheless, I believe that everyone on the show is quite proud of her for tackling the situation head-on and desiring to have a chance to address things. We are also extremely grateful to Dr. Banks for helping to facilitate that talk and for her assistance in general.

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