Arnold Schwarzenegger ‘Farted In My Face’ While Filming End Of Days, Miriam Margolyes Said.

Miriam Margolyes Says Arnold Schwarzenegger 'farted in My Face' on Set

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s End of Days co-star Miriam Margolyes thought he was full of it.

While filming the 1999 biblical horror picture, the 81-year-old actress said that the 74-year-old former governor of California “deliberately” “farted” in her face on’s I’ve Got News for You to a podcast, the beloved British-Australian actress “was actually pretty unpleasant.”

When questioned about her least favorite co-star, she launched into the embarrassing incident, claiming that she “didn’t care for him” because “he’s a bit too full of himself.”.

“A gasp sprang out of his mouth and hit me in the face. When I fart, I don’t fart in people’s faces. Now, I fart, of course. Right in front of my face, he purposefully did it “Margolyes said this. PEOPLE’s request for comment was not immediately returned by a Schwarzenegger spokesman.

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Arnold Schwarzenegger played a former cop in End of Days, in which his role was to work for a high-level security agency and arrest the devil (Gabriel Byrne) before he can have a child (the Antichrist) with a young woman (Robin Tunney).

Miriam Margolyes Says Arnold Schwarzenegger 'farted in My Face' on Set

“Because he was killing me, he put me in a position where I couldn’t get out and on the floor, unable to escape. He then proceeded to fart “Margolyes went on to elaborate. Despite the fact that it wasn’t captured on camera, he said, “I haven’t forgiven him for that.”

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Miriam Margolyes Says Arnold Schwarzenegger 'farted in My Face' on Set

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A father and daughter who find out they are both spies for the CIA are portrayed by him and Monica Barbaro in the film.


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