Amazing, Now I Know Why All the Tik Tokers Have Been Posting “i’m Getting Torn Tonight.”

There are a lot of “I’m being ripped tonight” posts floating around the internet right now, but where did the expression originate? What does it entail, exactly?

Right now, there’s one thing that keeps popping up as you browse social media… That p**** can RIP tonight because I’m getting torn.

The mysterious noise has become one of May’s biggest Internet trends, but what exactly is it? If you’re not sure what the “I’m getting ripped tonight” meme is all about, I’ve laid out all the details for you.

Where did the TikTok clip including the phrase “I’m getting ripped tonight” come from?


Someone saying, “I’m becoming ripped tonight,” while flexing their biceps is the essence of the meme. After saying “RIP that,” they cross their arms and bring them down and back behind their hips. People used to say “RIP that pussy, ayyy” in the original version of this meme.

A song by Starboi3 and Doja Cat titled “Dick” served as inspiration for this. Doja Cat is practically a given on TikTok. The lyrics are pretty much what you’d expect, with the opening section consisting primarily of the word “dick” repeated endlessly.

The song isn’t about President Nixon so much as it is about someone “getting ham on my dick.” One for opening on Christmas morning with the family. Starboi3 raps the post-chorus line that has become famously quoted.

People are starting to use it as a platform to share their favorite quotes while performing odd impressions and jiggling their hips.

Apparently, @ali.scyn was the one who introduced the trend on TikTok. From there, it gained traction among the app’s most prominent users and was later used by Charli D’Amelio.

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Addison Rae, the woman of the popular video sharing app TikTok Viral Meme Posted On the Internet

Addison improvised a sassier, less complex dance, which consisted of bending her head, placing her hands on her chest, and flashing a wide grin for the camera. In the video, she can be seen wearing a magenta crop top and loose biker shorts.

Some TikTokers, like @fenwickal (Abby Fenwick), combined the dance with a nod to the early days of the Crazy Outfit Change Challenge, using the final few seconds of the clip to display a more contemporary headpiece and dress combination that should easily work for a night on the town.

Influencer @clurry.mcflurry combines the “I’m Getting Ripped Tonight” style with the nostalgic feel of a home movie. She was shooting the dance when she filmed a minor accident, with someone bumping their head against a gate.

The infectious music quickly dominated Twitter and other social media platforms.

What exactly is the fascination with the phrase “I’m Getting Ripped Tonight”?


The “I’m Getting Ripped Tonight” dance craze began as an easy-to-learn routine to the song “I’m Getting Ripped Tonight” by Doja Cat and StarBoi3.

Anyone can join in by mimicking the moves seen in the video by @ali.scyn, which entail a slight backward bend of the head, the simultaneous lifting of the fists into a power position, and a slight leftward and rightward rotation of the head.

Next, with both hands, make a motion that can only be described as a revolving helicopter gesture, and then bring both hands together in front of your chest. When the music stops, casually raise both hands in the air.

Warning to those who are anxious to perfect their dance moves: if you live with parents who are more conservative than you are, playing “D—k” may cause some awkwardness in the future.

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