Can you explain the Hot or Not challenge on TikTok? Trend analysis of composite images

Feeling hot about yourself? Let a mobile app decide. TikTok’s newest task ‘confirms,’ ranking your attractiveness out of ten, as if social media wasn’t already severe enough on physical appearances.

TikTok’s’shapeshifting function had previously been a platforming staple. In the past, it was used to determine one’s ethnicity according to a Soviet police identification chart.

In order to function, the filter looks for user-specific facial resemblance to those on the chart. Since everyone is curious about how others perceive them, TikTok has added a filter that checks whether or not a user’s appearance matches the standard of attractiveness depicted in the selected photo.

Since many people have been found to be similar to the same model, the validity of the scale is still disputed whether you end up being a ten or a one.

Summary of the TikTok Desirability Rating System


The majority of people place a high value on physical attractiveness and self-esteem. TikTok’s inventors revealing effects that evaluate user attractiveness were not unexpected. A person’s attractiveness can be ranked on a scale from one to ten.

People who are the most attractive earn a score of 10, while those who are the least handsome get a score of 1. TikTok is hardly the only platform where users have been obsessed with their appearance.

A previous fad matched your attractiveness against that of famous people on a scale from one to ten. If you obtain a perfect score of 10, you’re considered extremely handsome and will be placed in the same category as other famous people who have scored a perfect 10.

If you’re a man and you get a 10, you’re as good-looking as Chris Hemsworth and Ian Somerhalder. Females with a perfect score of 10 are compared to famous people like Emma Watson.

The attractiveness effect, utilized in thousands of videos, was made by a TikTok effects artist named Baruch (@baruchgeuze).

Over 3.6 million people have looked at posts with the hashtag #attractivenessscale, while over 24.0 million people have looked at posts with the hashtag #maleattractivenesssale.

Will you be one of those people that follows the crowd? It’s just not doable, I’m afraid. That’s because you can’t rate your beauty any longer. But let’s try our luck and see.

The next time you’re wondering how to do the attractiveness scale on TikTok, just refer to our handy guide.

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How do you rate someone’s attractiveness?

The attractiveness scale rates your attractiveness out of 10, with 10 being the highest. The TikTok user’s face is compared to a chart of the most attractive male and female celebrities, who are also pre-ranked on a scale of 1-10 using the popular shapeshifter filter.

The TikToker’s face is compared to the chart to see if it fits the “conventional attractiveness” of the celebrities on the list. Male celebrities Ian Somerhalder and Tom Cruise both receive a perfect score of 10 from us, but we give Daniel Kaluuya only a 6.

On the tenth spot, men are rumored to have “superior personal care and beautiful physical characteristics. Even if they have good facial features by birth, they will still spend a lot of time each day perfecting their look.”

Amy Schumer tops the women’s list, followed by models Adriana Lima and Miranda Kerr at number nine. “Stunningly beautiful; almost everyone would describe her as hot. There are hardly any “defects” in the human face, just the natural variations that give each person their own identity.

A person only needs two or more attractive features to be considered attractive. Unblemished teeth. Excellent care is taken with personal hygiene.” In an experiment, this non-binary TikTok user compared their own beauty to that of both men and women.

When asked, “What is TikTok?” many people have trouble explaining what the app actually is and how it functions.

More than a billion people use TikTok, a social media platform for uploading short videos. Douyin, a Chinese media conglomerate, owns the site.

The fundamental appeal of TikTok is the ease with which content creators can record, edit, and upload videos to the platform—videos that, if done well, have the potential to go viral.

TikTok’s array of video creation tools, formats, and trends is always growing, providing companies with a wealth of material from which to draw inspiration and encouraging them to produce content that is so engaging it will spread like wildfire.

FYP, or the “For You Page,” is where users will find content on TikTok that has been personalized for them based on their viewing history and interests.

The “Discover” tab offers similar functionality to the FYP, allowing users to look up certain accounts, hashtags, and noises, as well as check out the most popular videos and hashtags.

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Where Did TikTok Come From?


To fully grasp the phenomenon that is TikTok, one must be familiar with its origins. ByteDance, a business based in China, released TikTok in 2016. In 2017, TikTok purchased Musical.ly, a competitor app, and subsequently absorbed its 200 million users.

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