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4 Nostalgic Movies To Watch For Christmas 2021

Christmas sweaters with embarrassing prints have been worn, Christmas decorations and lights decorate people’s homes, and a panettone diet has begun. and hot chocolate. The time seems ripe to present our selection of Christmas films in the Christmas 2021 version. 

We leave a warning to readers. If you don’t like cliches and the story of how Santa Claus becomes the icon we know or the story of the person who returns home for the Christmas holidays and meets the first great love he falls madly in love with again. This article is not for you and you don’t deserve the Christmas movies.


We do not regret calling Noelle a contemporary Christmas masterpiece. In streaming of Disney +, Anna Kendrick plays Noelle Santa’s daughter and the sister of the following Santa Claus.

She will live an adventure in search of her brother, who abandons the North Pole during a Christmas present crisis. Together with the protagonist, we find ourselves experiencing a journey between the authentic village of Santa Claus and the imitation of the shopping centers of our reality.

This movie has it all: songs, cinnamon, chocolate, Christmas outfits so extreme they are beautiful, a reindeer cub, and a red sleigh that each of you will want to ride at the end of the credits.


As a Christmas classic to combine with Noelle, we recommend Elf, a real cult, impossible not to have seen it even once.

Raised on bread and elves, Buddy, a human who accidentally ended up in the North Pole when she was a baby and raised by elves, tries to reunite with her native family. To see, or review, also to notice how Buddy decorated the house in five minutes better than anyone did in five days. You can find it streaming on Netflix.

Last Christmas

With a particular obsession for George Michael and his music, the protagonist of Last Christmas is Emilia Clarke, a girl who once loved Christmas and is now a bit lost.

It may seem like the classic Londoner cliche who loves life thanks to the magic of Christmas, yet it is much more than a forthcoming short film. So, be careful if you are looking for something that does not make you think because, according to some witnesses, many tears have been shed.

You can find it streaming on Prime Video, and we advise you to watch it even just for Emilia Clarke, the mother of dragons, dressed as an elf who sings Christmas songs.

Jack Frost

Jack Frost is not only one of the protagonists of the Five Legends, which we still recommend but also the title of a timeless film. We promise a beautiful mix of tears and Christmas magic.

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